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ACC: Catheter Ablation Does Not Cut Mortality, Stroke in A-Fib

March 20, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. But it is associated with more favorable quality-of-life end points at 12 months versus medical therapy Read article


ACC: Antibacterial Envelope Can Reduce CIED Infections

March 18, 2019 Incidence of major cardiac implantable electronic device infections significantly lower with envelope

ACC: Dietary Cholesterol Ups Cardiovascular Disease Risk

March 18, 2019 Findings show dose-response increase in risk for cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality

AAOS: Supplement Use Low in Patients With Osteoporosis, Hip Fracture

March 15, 2019 Non-Caucasian minorities less likely to receive proper supplementation

AAOS: Underweight Status Increases Shoulder Arthroplasty Complications

March 14, 2019 Physicians, health care systems should pay more attention to this 'extremely at-risk population'

AAOS: One-Third of U.S. Children Report Back Pain

March 13, 2019 Children who reported back pain weighed more on average, had higher body mass index

Long-Acting Regimen Noninferior to Daily ART for HIV-1

March 11, 2019 Monthly long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine noninferior in two randomized controlled trials

ACC: Photoplethysmography Signal Can Detect Diabetes

March 08, 2019 AUC 0.722 for predicting prevalent diabetes in test dataset; negative predictive value 97 percent

AAN: No Increased MS Relapse Risk in Postpartum Period

March 08, 2019 Annual relapse rate 0.39 before pregnancy, dropped during pregnancy, rebounded by four to six months

History of Cycling Weight May Up Risk for Heart Disease in Women

March 08, 2019 Yo-yo dieting associations with cardiovascular disease stronger in women with no pregnancy history

ACC: Long-Term Outcomes for MI Similar at ≤40, 40 to 50

March 07, 2019 Patients aged 40 years or younger have increased rates of substance abuse compared with older patients

High-Quality, Plant-Based Diet Tied to Lower Risk for CVD Mortality

March 07, 2019 No association seen for quality of plant-based diet and cancer-related deaths

AAN: Sweetened Drinks Linked to More Severe Disability in MS

March 06, 2019 Those in highest quartile of sugar-sweetened beverage intake had greater risk for severe disability

AAN: Sleep Apnea Tied to Higher Cortical Tau Levels in Seniors

March 04, 2019 Estimated 0.049 elevation seen in the entorhinal cortex tau standardized uptake value ratio

AAD: Isotretinoin Exposure for Acne Not Linked to Depression Risk

March 01, 2019 Acne patients with, without isotretinoin exposure had no significant difference in depression frequency

Liquid Biopsy-Based Test IDs Biomarkers in Metastatic NSCLC

March 01, 2019 Test led to increase in number of patients with identified G7 biomarker, reduction in turnaround time