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Pharmacies Often Not Notified of Discontinued Rx

September 29, 2021. 3:41 PM CDT.

Interventions, including phoning pharmacies and enabling CancelRX in electronic medical records, may reduce risk for medication safety events

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Lenvatinib Plus Pembrolizumab Tops Sunitinib in Advanced RCC

February 19, 2021

Progression-free, overall survival significantly longer with combo versus sunitinib for advanced renal cell carcinoma

Cabozantinib Prolongs PFS in Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma

February 17, 2021

Progression-free survival longer and response rate greater for cabozantinib versus sunitinib in phase 2 trial in adults with PRCC

AHA: Sotagliflozin Beneficial for T2DM With Heart Failure

November 25, 2020

Second study shows benefits among patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease, risks for CVD

ASN: Finerenone May Slow Progression in CKD With T2DM

October 26, 2020 Risks for chronic kidney disease progression, CV events lower with finerenone versus placebo

Immunotherapy Combo Treats Advanced Kidney Cancer

October 02, 2020 First results show survival benefit with nivolumab plus cabozantinib versus sunitinib

Empagliflozin Superior to Placebo for Heart Failure

September 02, 2020 Risk for CV death, hospitalization with heart failure reduced, regardless of presence of diabetes

ASCO: Drop in Cancer Mortality Greater With Medicaid Expansion

June 04, 2020 Estimated 785 fewer cancer deaths in 2017 in states that expanded Medicaid

ASN: Encephalopathy Up in CKD Patients on Higher-Dose Baclofen

November 13, 2019 Risk for hospitalization with encephalopathy higher for baclofen starting dose of ≥20 versus <20 mg/day

ASN: Difelikefalin Improves Itch in CKD-Linked Pruritus

November 12, 2019 Findings seen among patients on hemodialysis with moderate-to-severe pruritus

ASN: Models Can Predict Risk for Incident Chronic Kidney Disease

November 08, 2019 Risk equations had median C-values of 0.845 and 0.801 for cohorts with, without diabetes, respectively

Risk Tool Can Predict Heart Failure in Patients With Diabetes

October 03, 2019 AI model integrates readily available clinical, laboratory, and electrocardiographic data

CV Risk Lower With Metformin in T2DM + Reduced Kidney Function

September 19, 2019 Risk for major adverse cardiovascular events reduced with metformin compared with a sulfonylurea

ESC Guidelines Updated for Managing CVD in Diabetes

September 05, 2019 Guidelines address lifestyle recommendations, individualized BP targets, SGLT2 inhibitor, GLP1-RA tx

Hand Hygiene Compliance Poor in Task Transitions

April 17, 2019 Hand hygiene compliance was 50.8 percent when health care workers moved from dirtier to cleaner tasks

Immunotherapy Side Effects May Be More Common Than Thought

November 20, 2018 Higher rates of adverse events observed for immune checkpoint inhibitors in real-world settings