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Increased Cancer Risk Seen in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

July 09, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. Increased cancer risk for MS patients versus non-MS controls, especially in respiratory, urinary, CNS organs Read article


Bioimpedance Spectroscopy May Identify Lymphedema Earlier

May 13, 2019 Surveillance with the technology may allow earlier detection, more effective treatment for lymphedema

Less Invasive Mastectomy an Option for More Patients

May 08, 2019 Higher-risk patients may now be eligible for nipple-sparing mastectomy

Percutaneous Ablation in Liver Cancer Tied to Better Outcomes

May 08, 2019 Intervention linked to better short-term outcomes versus surgical procedures

New Lesions ID’d on Breast MRI During Treatment Likely Benign

May 07, 2019 New suspicious lesions detected on breast MRI during neoadjuvant therapy are more likely benign

Clinicians Believe Link Between Breast Pain, Cancer Is Weak

May 06, 2019 But many order imaging to exclude malignancy or for reassurance only

AUA: Atenolol Linked to Drop in Low-, Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

May 03, 2019 After adjustment for confounders, atenolol displayed significant protective effect on prostate cancer

Radiotherapy Tied to Lower Recurrence of Early, Hormone-Driven Breast Cancer

May 01, 2019 Antihormone treatment also recommended in conjunction with radiotherapy

Radical Hemithoracic Radiation Tx Ups Survival in Mesothelioma

May 01, 2019 Higher overall survival seen at two years in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma

Single-Dose Brachytherapy Effective for Prostate Cancer

April 29, 2019 Two-year and three-year biochemical progression-free survival rate of 100 percent for low-risk disease

Hand Hygiene Compliance Poor in Task Transitions

April 17, 2019 Hand hygiene compliance was 50.8 percent when health care workers moved from dirtier to cleaner tasks

AACR: HPV Vax Low for Adults at High Risk for HIV Infection

April 03, 2019 Age, sex, sexual orientation differences in HPV vaccination rates were statistically significant

AACR: Surgery Tied to Improved Survival in HER2+ Breast Cancer

April 02, 2019 In addition to targeted medication, adjuvant therapy, surgery improves survival in stage IV disease

AACR: Prostate Cancer Incidence Dropping, Stable in Most Countries

April 02, 2019 Decreases in mortality seen in 14 countries, stabilization in 54 of 71 countries

AACR: Pembrolizumab Beneficial for Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancer

April 02, 2019 Antitumor activity promising; objective response rate 19.3 percent for patients with incurable, advanced SCLC

AACR: Longer Survival With Gilteritinib in FLT3mut+ AML

April 01, 2019 Longer overall survival, better remission rates seen for patients receiving gilteritinib versus salvage chemo