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Playing Pokémon Go Can Help Patients Up Daily Step Counts

March 09, 2017. 1:00 PM EST. Smartphone game benefits overweight, sedentary people most, researchers report Read article


AAAAI: Low Vitamin E in Mothers Can Up Asthma Risk in Offspring

March 06, 2017 Association strongest for the vitamin E isoform α-tocopherol, found in safflower, sunflower oils

ASA: Headache Precedes Stroke More Often in Kids Than Adults

February 23, 2017 However, ischemic strokes still very rare in children

Experts Warn of Health Threats From Climate Change

February 17, 2017 Additional 250,000 deaths/year projected from heat stress, malnutrition, infectious diseases

SCCM: Hypothermia No Benefit After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

January 25, 2017 No significant benefit in survival with favorable functional outcome at one year for comatose children

SCCM: Tight Glycemic Control No Benefit in Peds Hyperglycemia

January 25, 2017 Low likelihood of benefit, evidence of possibility of harm in critically ill children with hyperglycemia

STS: Parents of CHD Children ID Important Outcome Measures

January 24, 2017 Survival statistics, surgeon-specific experience, complication rates are most important measures

Cannabidiol May Help Treat Intractable Epilepsy

December 07, 2016 CBD lowers seizure frequency, severity in some patients with Dravet, Lennox-Gastaut syndromes

Diagnosis of Infantile Spasms Too Often Delayed

December 06, 2016 Parents, doctors may not recognize infantile spasms early enough to prevent brain damage

RSNA: Children Can Sustain Major Chest Injuries From ATV Crashes

November 29, 2016 Main cause of chest injury was rollover, followed by collision with landscape, falls

ASN: Severe Acute Kidney Injury Ups Risk of 28-Day Mortality

November 21, 2016 Increased use of mechanical ventilation, renal-replacement therapy in children with severe AKI

ACAAI: Guidance Coming on Introducing Infants to Peanuts

November 11, 2016 High-risk infants can be introduced to peanut paste, peanut protein as early as 4 to 6 months of age

IDSA: Measles Complication SSPE More Common Than Thought

October 28, 2016 Clinicians to be aware of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

Amitriptyline, Topiramate Don’t Cut Pediatric Migraine vs Placebo

October 27, 2016 No reduction in headache frequency or headache-related disability compared with placebo

ASA: Low Unplanned Admission for Dental Procedure + Other Sx

October 26, 2016 Four of 55 pediatric patients undergoing combination of procedures were admitted with peri-op concerns

AAP: Infants Should Sleep Near Parents, but on Separate Surface

October 24, 2016 Sleeping nearby -- but not in same bed -- advised for first year, says American Academy of Pediatrics