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Most Infants and Toddlers Consume Added Sugar

June 12, 2018. 12:00 PM CDT. On any given day, 85 percent of infants, toddlers aged 6 to 23 months had added sugar intake Read article


Child Secondhand Pot + Tobacco Exposure Ups Risk for ER Visits

May 07, 2018 Children in the marijuana and tobacco exposure group also had increase in otitis media episodes

Social Media Negatively Affects Body Satisfaction in Women

May 04, 2018 Time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest tied to higher scores on measures relating to body image

AAN: Cerliponase Alfa Beneficial for Form of Batten’s Disease

April 26, 2018 Reduced decline in motor, language function in children with CLN2 compared with historical controls

AAN: New Drug May Help Infants With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

April 19, 2018 RG7916 increases survival motor neuron protein level, with 6.5-fold increase noted with highest dose

AAD: Fathers May Not Perceive Harms of Teen Indoor Tanning

February 20, 2018 Low harms more often perceived by parents of male teens, those age ≥16, with less sun-reactive skin

Follow-Up Lacking for Teen, Young Adult Cancer Survivors

February 16, 2018 Many young adult cancer survivors do not follow up properly, independent of disease type or insurance

Sleep Duration, Cycle Linked to Childhood Body Weight

January 26, 2018 Shorter sleep duration, more fragmented circadian rhythms, increased intradaily variability tied to BMI

Non-Drug Options Provide Seizure Relief in Children

December 04, 2017 And, slow initiation of the ketogenic diet shows good outcomes in children with epilepsy

AHA: Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Up for Young With Diabetes

November 13, 2017 Increased risk seen for both all-cause mortality, sudden cardiac death in young people with diabetes

ACAAI: Doctors Not Adhering to New Peanut Guidelines

October 27, 2017 Thirty-eight percent of pediatricians scored 1 or less; only 11 percent scored 4 on 0-to-4 scale

ACAAI: Telemedicine Can Be Beneficial in Allergy Care

October 27, 2017 Telemedicine use likely to expand for allergy care; further research is needed into impact, outcomes

ASA: Botox Injections Beneficial for Migraine in Children

October 24, 2017 Statistically significant changes in migraine intensity, frequency, duration from pre- to post-therapy

IDSA: Surgical Site Infections Up With Reported Penicillin Allergy

October 09, 2017 Increased risk of SSI was mediated by patients' receipt of alternative perioperative antibiotic

IDSA: Small Drop in MMR Vaccination Rate Would Be Costly

October 06, 2017 A minor decline in vaccination levels among children would have large public health, economic effects

AAP: Epinephrine Admin Training Needed in Many Schools

September 19, 2017 In 2015 to 2016, 2.7 percent reported that epinephrine was administered by unlicensed staff