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Neural-Tube Defects Up for Offspring of Women on Dolutegravir

July 23, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. Prevalence of neural-tube defects with dolutegravir higher than with other antiretroviral tx Read article


Nonpharmacologic Tx Enhances Care of Opioid-Exposed Newborns

April 30, 2019 Reduction seen in length of hospital stay and in use of medication to treat neonatal abstinence

12 Percent of Caregivers Have Pediatric Flu Vaccine Hesitancy

April 29, 2019 Most hold inaccurate beliefs about flu, flu shots, including believing child will be protected with one shot

Most Pediatric Residents Report Caring for Gun Injuries

April 29, 2019 Almost all residents agree pediatricians should ask about guns in the home, ask parents to lock guns

Hand Hygiene Compliance Poor in Task Transitions

April 17, 2019 Hand hygiene compliance was 50.8 percent when health care workers moved from dirtier to cleaner tasks

AAOS: One-Third of U.S. Children Report Back Pain

March 13, 2019 Children who reported back pain weighed more on average, had higher body mass index

AAAAI: Small Amounts of Dietary Peanuts Beneficial After Immunotherapy

February 28, 2019 Regular peanut consumption after OIT, SLIT for peanut allergy provides continued protection

AAAAI: Egg Oral Immunotherapy Shows Sustained Benefit in Children

February 27, 2019 All children with sustained unresponsiveness ingested concentrated and baked egg

AAAAI: Exclusive Breastfeeding Not Linked to Eczema Risk

February 25, 2019 Exclusive breastfeeding for three months or longer tied to lower odds of continued eczema at 6 years

ACAAI: Oral Immunotherapy Is Protective in Peanut Allergy

November 19, 2018 More patients receiving AR101 able to ingest ≥600 mg peanut protein without dose-limiting symptoms

ACAAI: Hospital Stay, Caregiver Knowledge of Asthma Linked

November 16, 2018 Children of caregivers with poor asthma knowledge more likely to have prolonged hospital stay

ACAAI: Almost 2 Percent of Children Have Milk Allergy

November 16, 2018 Among children with food allergy, 53 percent of infants have milk allergy vs. 15 percent of teens

AHA: Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Updated

November 13, 2018 Guidelines provide information on types, amounts of exercise for different population groups

AAP Warns of Harms of Corporal Punishment for Children

November 05, 2018 Parents are encouraged to use healthy forms of discipline such as positive reinforcement

AAP: Parents Frequently Save Leftover Antibiotics

November 02, 2018 Almost three-quarters of those saving antibiotics subsequently divert the antibiotics to others

AAP: More Children Visiting Pediatric EDs for Mental Health

November 02, 2018 Increase in mental health-related diagnoses from 2012 to 2016, higher rate for non-Hispanic blacks