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AAD: Ustekinumab Cuts Vascular Inflammation in Psoriasis

February 20, 2018. 12:00 PM CST. Reduction in total aortic vascular inflammation with ustekinumab versus increase with placebo Read article


ASH: Anti-CD19 CAR T-Cell Tx Beneficial in B-Cell Lymphomas

December 11, 2017 Second study shows benefit in relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma

ASH: A+AVD Beats ABVD for Advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

December 11, 2017 Lower combined risk of progression, death, or noncomplete response with A+AVD

SABCS: Two Years of Anastrozole Sufficient in HR+ Early Breast CA

December 07, 2017 No significant difference in DFS for women receiving anastrozole for two, five years after endocrine tx

SABCS: Acupuncture Relieves AI-Linked Joint Pain in Breast CA

December 07, 2017 Greater proportion of patients experiencing a clinically meaningful reduction in worse pain score

ASHP Launches Pharmacy Technician Forum

December 07, 2017 Enhanced membership home expected to be fully operational in early 2018

SABCS: Ribociclib Ups PFS in HR+ HER2− Advanced Breast Cancer

December 06, 2017 Significant improvement in progression-free survival for pre- and perimenopausal women

ASHP + Partners Urge Congress Action on Drug Shortages

December 06, 2017 Groups urge Congress to take immediate action, provide transparency and improve manufacturing

ASHP: Joint Commission Impact on Pain Management Discussed

December 05, 2017 Session outlines current issues with drug prescribing and effect of revised standards

ASHP: Key Role for Pharmacists in Natural, Man-Made Disasters

December 05, 2017 Session describes how to prepare, respond, and evaluate natural and man-made disasters

ASHP Addresses Small-Volume Parenteral Solution Shortages

December 04, 2017 Fact sheet developed to provide outline of potential actions for health care organizations

Non-Drug Options Provide Seizure Relief in Children

December 04, 2017 And, slow initiation of the ketogenic diet shows good outcomes in children with epilepsy

RSNA: IV-SUD Complications Prevalent in Emergency Radiology

November 30, 2017 Mortality significantly higher for patients with positive imaging diagnosis of IV-SUD complications

Osimertinib Tops Standard EGFR-TKI for EGFR+ NSCLC

November 20, 2017 Significantly longer median progression-free survival for osimertinib in previously untreated NSCLC

AHA: Statins Cut Risk of MACE in Patients With ASCVD Event

November 15, 2017 Reduced frequency of MACE for patients receiving statins, especially high-intensity statins

AHA/ACA Present New Blood Pressure Guidelines

November 14, 2017 New guidelines lower the diagnostic threshold for stage 1 hypertension to 130/80