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ENDO: Glycemic Control Good for Regular Human Insulin With V-Go

April 01, 2020. 12:00 PM CDT. Mean change in HbA1c not significantly different with regular human insulin, rapid-acting insulin Read article


Mortality No Different for No Sedation Versus Light Sedation in ICU Patients

February 18, 2020 No difference found in mortality at 90 days among mechanically ventilated intensive care unit patients

ASA: Herpes Zoster Vaccine May Reduce Risk for Stroke

February 12, 2020 Risk significantly reduced for stroke events, acute ischemic strokes, hemorrhagic strokes in older adults

QoL Extended With Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab in Liver Cancer

January 29, 2020 And, triplet and doublet drug regimens delay decline in quality of life in BRAF V600E metastatic CRC

SABCS: Anastrozole Tied to Lasting Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk

December 17, 2019 Breast cancer risk significantly lower at median follow-up of 131 months; effect continued after treatment

SABCS: Breast Cancer Rates Opposite for Estrogen, Estrogen + Progestin

December 13, 2019 In postmenopausal women, breast cancer incidence down with estrogen alone, up with CEE + MPA

SABCS: Addition of Tucatinib Ups Survival in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

December 11, 2019 In heavily pretreated patients, adding tucatinib versus placebo improves overall, progression-free survival

ASH: AlloHSCT Feasible After PD-1, PD-L1 mAb in Hodgkin Lymphoma

December 10, 2019 Outcomes good for those treated with a PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitor before undergoing allogeneic HSCT

Purified CBD May Help Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

December 10, 2019 Those taking CBD versus placebo had greater reduction in seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex

ASH: PET Helps Tailor Therapy in Limited-Stage DLBCL

December 09, 2019 Most patients had negative PET scan and completed one additional R-CHOP cycle without radiation

RSNA: Biennial Mammo Returns More Advanced-Stage Cancers

December 03, 2019 Annual mammography screening, used by most patients, yields smaller and less advanced cancers

AHA: Neurohormonal Blockade Beneficial for Patients With LVAD

November 19, 2019 At four years, survival better among patients with LVADs receiving any NHB medication at six months

AHA: Lower-Target LDL Level Beneficial After Stroke, TIA

November 19, 2019 Subsequent risk for CV events lower among patients with ischemic stroke, TIA, evidence of atherosclerosis

AHA: Risk for Ischemic CV Events Lower With Colchicine After MI

November 18, 2019 Risk for composite efficacy end point reduced with colchicine versus placebo after myocardial infarction

AHA: Impact of Valsartan Recall Examined for Ontario, Canada

November 18, 2019 Immediate increase in emergency department visits for hypertension seen after generic valsartan recall

AHA: Predictors for Meeting LDL-C, SBP Goals ID’d in ISCHEMIA

November 18, 2019 Older age, male sex, high-intensity statin use, lower baseline LDL-C predict LDL-C goal attainment