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VTE Risk Reduced With Partial Knee Replacement

June 18, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. But risk for five-year revision higher for those undergoing partial versus total knee replacement Read article


ASCO: Enzalutamide Beneficial in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

June 05, 2019 Progression-free, overall survival longer for men with metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

ASCO: Pembrolizumab Noninferior to Chemo in Advanced Gastric Cancer

June 03, 2019 For patients with PD-L1 combined positive score of ≥10, pembrolizumab prolongs overall survival

ASCO: Low-Dose Chemo Benefits Advanced Gastroesophageal Cancer

June 03, 2019 Elderly, frail receiving 60 percent of oxaliplatin/capecitabine dose have noninferior PFS, less toxicity

Dupilumab Cuts Exacerbations in Late-Onset Asthma

May 21, 2019 Lung function improved at weeks 12 and 52 in patients with, without fixed airway obstruction

AAN: Oral BTK Inhibitor Superior to Placebo in Multiple Sclerosis

May 14, 2019 Fewer enhancing lesions seen in weeks 12 to 24 for 75 mg evobrutinib once daily versus placebo

AAN: Eculizumab Reduces Risk for Relapse in Neuromyelitis Optica

May 10, 2019 But no significant between-group difference noted in measures of disability progression

AAN: Isradipine Offers No Benefit in Parkinson Disease

May 10, 2019 No significant treatment effect seen in UPDRS Part I to III score measured in the ON state

AUA: Marijuana Tied to Increased Risk for LUTS Medications in BPH

May 06, 2019 Marijuana use also linked to worse overall semen parameters due to induction of oxidative stress

AUA: Atenolol Linked to Drop in Low-, Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

May 03, 2019 After adjustment for confounders, atenolol displayed significant protective effect on prostate cancer

AAN: Cannabidiol Tied to Drop in Seizures in Dravet Syndrome

May 01, 2019 Percentage reduction in convulsive seizures higher for cannabidiol 10 and 20 mg/kg/day versus placebo

Nonpharmacologic Tx Enhances Care of Opioid-Exposed Newborns

April 30, 2019 Reduction seen in length of hospital stay and in use of medication to treat neonatal abstinence

Liraglutide Added to Metformin Effective for Type 2 Diabetes

April 29, 2019 Trial shows superiority of liraglutide with respect to glycemic control in children, adolescents

12 Percent of Caregivers Have Pediatric Flu Vaccine Hesitancy

April 29, 2019 Most hold inaccurate beliefs about flu, flu shots, including believing child will be protected with one shot

Hand Hygiene Compliance Poor in Task Transitions

April 17, 2019 Hand hygiene compliance was 50.8 percent when health care workers moved from dirtier to cleaner tasks

Peripheral Nerve Block May Cut Opioid Use After Amputation

April 10, 2019 Peripheral nerve block helps improve pain control after major lower extremity amputation