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AHA: Supervised Exercise Ups 6-Minute Walking Distance in PAD

November 16, 2017. 12:00 PM CST. But no improvement seen with branulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor Read article


AHA: Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Up for Young With Diabetes

November 13, 2017 Increased risk seen for both all-cause mortality, sudden cardiac death in young people with diabetes

AHA: Program Cuts Heart Failure Readmits But May Up Mortality

November 13, 2017 Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program tied to drop in heart failure readmissions at 30 days, 1 year

AHA: Cardiac Troponin I IDs Low Risk of MI, Cardiac Death

November 13, 2017 In suspected ACS, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I concentration <5 ng/mL IDs those at low risk

ACR: Successful Tapering of DMARDs in RA Explored

November 06, 2017 Low level of serum CRP at baseline linked to successful down-titration in multivariate analysis

ACR: Opioids, SSRIs Tied to Higher Fracture Risk in RA

November 06, 2017 Increased risk of osteoporotic fracture with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, opioids of any strength

ACR: Temporary Cessation of MTX Ups Flu Shot Immunogenicity

November 06, 2017 Findings in patients with rheumatoid arthritis taking a stable dose of methotrexate

ASN: PPIs Associated With Increased Risk of Kidney Disease

November 06, 2017 Risk for both chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease higher with proton pump inhibitor use

ASN: Caffeine Associated With Reduced Mortality in CKD

November 03, 2017 Chronic kidney disease patients in highest quartile of caffeine consumption have lowest risk for mortality

Colorectal Lesion Frequency Increases at Age 45

October 30, 2017 Polyp, adenoma, and neoplasia detection rate higher in 45-49 age group than in younger patients

ACAAI: Doctors Not Adhering to New Peanut Guidelines

October 27, 2017 Thirty-eight percent of pediatricians scored 1 or less; only 11 percent scored 4 on 0-to-4 scale

ACAAI: Telemedicine Can Be Beneficial in Allergy Care

October 27, 2017 Telemedicine use likely to expand for allergy care; further research is needed into impact, outcomes

Patients Prefer Face-to-Face Communication, No Computer

October 27, 2017 Seventy-two percent of patients with advanced cancer prefer face-to-face communication

ASA: Botox Injections Beneficial for Migraine in Children

October 24, 2017 Statistically significant changes in migraine intensity, frequency, duration from pre- to post-therapy

Yoga Plus Aerobics Beneficial in Coronary Heart Disease

October 20, 2017 Greater improvement in CHD risk factors for combined intervention versus either alone

ACG: Defecation Posture Modification Device Beneficial

October 16, 2017 Significant reductions in bowel movement duration, straining patterns and increase in bowel emptiness