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ACG: Burnout Reported by About Half of Gastroenterologists

October 16, 2017. 12:00 PM CDT. Factors associated with burnout include female sex, spending more hours on domestic chores, child care Read article


APA: Medical Discrimination Based on Size Stresses Patients

August 03, 2017 Assuming weight is responsible for, related to presenting complaints can result in misdiagnosis

APA: Reasons for Underuse of Buprenorphine by PCPs ID’d

August 03, 2017 Doctors not willing to increase prescribing due to lack of belief in agonist tx, lack of time for more patients

AAIC: Targeting 9 Factors Could Cut One-Third of Dementia Cases

July 20, 2017 Addressing these risk factors could help prevent 35 percent of dementia cases, researchers suggest

AAIC: Turnover Kinetics Vary for Different Amyloid β Isoforms

July 20, 2017 Half-life of Aβ isoforms about three hours; Aβ38 has faster turnover kinetics than Aβ40, Aβ42

AAIC: Rx + Training Shows Benefit in Advanced Alzheimer’s

July 18, 2017 Skills lost, such as dressing or bathing, can potentially be relearned, small study suggests

AAIC: Alzheimer Biomarkers Up With Sleep Disordered Breathing

July 18, 2017 Studies found SDB/OSA tied to higher levels of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease

AAIC: Mediterranean Diet May Help Preserve Cognitive Function

July 18, 2017 New studies suggest that adherence to better diet can improve brain function

AAIC: Daily Crosswords Linked to Improved Cognition in Later Life

July 17, 2017 Regular puzzlers score better on tests of cognitive function, researchers find

AAIC: One Social Hour a Week in Dementia Care Improves Lives

July 17, 2017 Good staff training improves patients' quality of life, lowers costs, researchers say

Signs of Long-Term Brain Injury in Blood of Boxers, MMA Fighters

July 14, 2017 Researchers find head injuries from fighting cause brain changes that might spur troubles later in life

Treatment for Infertility Does Not Appear to Raise Risk of Divorce

July 10, 2017 Study finds couples who seek in vitro fertilization are not at added risk of divorce

Excessive Alcohol Use Found to Speed Up Cellular Aging

June 26, 2017 DNA research reveals alcoholics have shorter telomeres

Three Lifestyle Interventions May Slow Cognitive Decline

June 23, 2017 Cognitive training, management of hypertension, increased physical activity all help delay decline

SLEEP: Prolonged Delayed Eating Linked to Weight Gain

June 08, 2017 Compared with daytime eating, delayed eating also linked to increases in respiratory quotient

APSS: Weekend Sleep Changes Adversely Affect Health Outcomes

June 07, 2017 For every hour of shifted sleep, an associated 11.1 percent increase in risk of diagnosed heart disease