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Yoga Plus Aerobics Beneficial in Coronary Heart Disease

October 20, 2017. 12:00 PM CDT. Greater improvement in CHD risk factors for combined intervention versus either alone Read article


IDSA: Surgical Site Infections Up With Reported Penicillin Allergy

October 09, 2017 Increased risk of SSI was mediated by patients' receipt of alternative perioperative antibiotic

IDSA: Small Drop in MMR Vaccination Rate Would Be Costly

October 06, 2017 A minor decline in vaccination levels among children would have large public health, economic effects

IDSA: Retail Meat May Be a Transmission Source for UTIs

October 06, 2017 Almost one-fourth of retail poultry contains E. coli strains associated with urinary tract infections

Urinary [TIMP-2]*[IGFBP7] May Predict AKI After Heart Surgery

October 05, 2017 Elevated levels of the two proteins can predict risk of acute kidney injury

ASTRO: Aggressive Reduction of Radiation Beneficial in OPSCC

September 28, 2017 In HPV-related disease, the approach linked to high cure rates, reduced side effects

ASTRO: SBRT Prolongs Survival in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

September 28, 2017 Trial stopped after significant improvement in progression-free survival in metastatic NSCLC

ASTRO: Patient Experience of Radiation Better Than Expected

September 28, 2017 Few breast cancer patients agree that negative stories they initially heard/read were actually true

ASTRO: High-Dose Brachytherapy Effective With Four 7 Gy Fractions

September 27, 2017 Better tumor control than with two 9 Gy fractions among patients with locally advanced cervical cancer

ASTRO: Standard-Dose CRT Beats Higher Dose in Stage III NSCLC

September 27, 2017 Significantly improved five-year overall survival rates with 60 Gy chemoradiation tx versus high-dose

Age of Transfused Red Cells Doesn’t Impact Mortality

September 27, 2017 No significant difference in mortality for critically ill receiving freshest or oldest available red cells

Mexican-Americans Have Increased Risk for Liver Disease

September 25, 2017 Less likely to have hepatitis B, C virus, but more likely to be obese, have diabetes, be heavy drinkers

Engaging Muslim Women May Up Odds of Mammogram

September 25, 2017 Significant increase in self-reported likelihood of obtaining mammogram following intervention

TILs Prognostic in Black Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients

September 25, 2017 Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes may be prognostic for early-stage TNBC in African-American patients

AAP: Epinephrine Admin Training Needed in Many Schools

September 19, 2017 In 2015 to 2016, 2.7 percent reported that epinephrine was administered by unlicensed staff

AAP: Few Doctors Provide Firearm Injury Prevention Info in ER

September 19, 2017 Barriers include political restraint, lack of physician awareness, and legal constraints