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ACR: High Demand for CVD-Preventive Meds in IJD

November 15, 2016. 12:00 PM CST. High indication for medications, but initiation is infrequent in inflammatory joint disease cohort Read article


Psoriasis Patients at Higher Risk for Other Health Issues

July 29, 2016 Inflammatory effects of disease can impact entire body, expert says

Health Care Workers’ Gloves Strong Source of Contamination

June 27, 2016 Clear evidence that gloves of health care workers contaminate hospital surfaces with bacteria

Many Americans Turn to ‘Laying on of Hands’ to Promote Healing

April 25, 2016 And, nearly nine out of 10 have asked for divine intervention for someone else

Hip, Vertebral Fracture Risk May Jump Post Knee Replacement

April 18, 2016 Swedish study found that people with new knees had slight increase in spinal fractures, too

ACR: Steroids Little Help, Ozone Injections Promising for Knee OA

November 11, 2015 Two studies test out old and new treatments for knee osteoarthritis

ACR: Tai Chi Offers Similar Benefits to PT for Knee OA

November 11, 2015 WOMAC pain score improvement similar at 12 weeks; pain medication use reduced in both groups

ACR: Resistance Training Program Beneficial in Hand Osteoarthritis

November 10, 2015 Progressive resistance strength training program effective for pain, function, treatment satisfaction

ACR: Chondroitin Sulfate Cuts Cartilage Volume Loss in Knee OA

November 10, 2015 Chondroitin sulfate and celecoxib are equally effective at reducing knee osteoarthritis symptoms

ACR: Studies Explore Link Between Diet and RA

November 09, 2015 Healthy eating might help prevent the disease, researchers say

Women in Academic Medicine ‘Manage Femininity’ to Succeed

August 25, 2015 Strategies for this include appearing easy-going or downplaying differences based on gender

ARVO: Hydroxychloroquine Daily Dosing Recs Often Exceeded

May 05, 2015 Seventy percent of patients had daily dosages above recommended 6.5 mg/kg of ideal body weight

Rx for Better Health Care: Kindness and Compassion

November 24, 2014 Data suggest that gentler, thoughtful approach helps boost patient outcomes

ACR: Running Won’t Raise Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis

November 17, 2014 In fact, research suggests running may even help prevent painful joint condition

ACR: Contraception Choice May Affect RA-Related Autoantibodies

November 17, 2014 Findings in women at increased risk of RA; increased risk seen with intrauterine device use

ACR: Most Hospitalizations for Gout Are Preventable

November 17, 2014 In retrospective cohort, 89 percent of admissions with primary diagnosis of gout were preventable