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Many Youths With Diabetes Not Receiving Eye Examinations

March 24, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. Racial minorities less likely to undergo eye exam; increasing net worth increases likelihood of eye exam Read article


High BMI in Late Teens Tied to Future Severe Liver Dz in Males

March 22, 2017 Development of T2DM further increases risk for severe liver disease, regardless of BMI

Warmer Weather Linked to Increased Incidence of Diabetes

March 21, 2017 Increased incidence of diabetes in U.S. and increased worldwide prevalence of glucose intolerance

Black, Asian Medical Students Less Likely to Be AΩA Members

March 21, 2017 After adjustment, black, Asian medical students are less likely than white students to be AΩA members

Lack of Recent Health Care Tied to Unawareness of Diabetes

March 21, 2017 Family history of diabetes, those who have been hospitalized in past year are less likely to be unaware

Maternal Hyperglycemia Ups Offspring Cardiometabolic Risk

March 20, 2017 Association independent of BMI pre-pregnancy, childhood obesity, or large for gestational age

Caloric Restriction Normalizes Bile Acid, Cholesterol Deficiency

March 20, 2017 Hepatic BA, cholesterol deficient in morbid obesity; deficiencies counteracted by caloric restriction

Los Angeles eConsult Program Can Reduce Wait Times

March 17, 2017 eConsult program rapidly adopted; used by more than 3,000 primary care providers by 2015

High-Intensity Aerobic Exercise May Help Reverse Cellular Aging

March 16, 2017 More robust increase in gene transcripts for high-intensity interval training versus other modalities

Short Course of Intensive Lifestyle, Drug Tx Helpful in T2DM

March 16, 2017 More participants achieve normoglycemia on therapy versus standard diabetes care

Access to Fertility Clinics Limited for Many U.S. Women

March 15, 2017 Among those of childbearing age, 29 percent had no clinic, while another 11 percent had only one

Women Underrepresented Among Grand Rounds Speakers

March 15, 2017 Women presented a median of 28.3 percent of the total sessions

Economic Benefit for Lifestyle Modification in Prediabetes

March 15, 2017 Three-year return on investment for prevention program estimated to be as high as 42 percent

Adverse CV Events Up Post Failure of Fertility Therapy

March 14, 2017 Failed fertility therapy linked to 19 percent increased risk of cardiovascular events later in life

ADA Updates Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes

March 14, 2017 Metformin should be initiated at the time of T2DM diagnosis unless there are contraindications

Higher Spending by Physicians Not Tied to Better Outcomes

March 13, 2017 No difference in patient outcomes when physicians order more -- or more pricey -- tests, treatments