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Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Promising in T1DM Pregnancy

March 16, 2018. 12:00 PM CDT. Comparable glucose control, less hypoglycemia vs. sensor-augmented pump tx in pregnant women Read article


Improved Glycemic Control With Surgical Tx of Obesity in Teens

March 14, 2018 Adolescents with T2DM have improved glycemic control, weight loss after surgery vs. medical therapy

U.S. Spends Twice As Much for Similar Health Care Utilization

March 13, 2018 U.S. has higher administrative and pharmaceutical costs than 10 other high-income countries

Great Recession Linked to Increase in BP, Blood Glucose

March 13, 2018 Larger effects of 2008 to 2010 recession seen for younger adults and older homeowners

Three-Pronged Approach Can Improve Physician Engagement

March 12, 2018 Strategy used by one practice improved physician engagement and relieved burnout

No Safety Concerns Noted in Study of Intranasal Insulin Use

March 12, 2018 However, more data is needed on the long-term safety of chronic intranasal insulin administration

Doctors Facing Challenge to Help Needy While Protecting Practices

March 09, 2018 Many practices are finding it difficult to maintain their viability while caring for patients who can't pay

Circulating FGF23 Linked to Incident Coronary Heart Disease

March 09, 2018 After adjustment for hormone therapy use in women, associations no longer differed by sex

Progression of Obesity Influences Risk of Diabetes Over Life Course

March 08, 2018 If population had maintained normal BMI in 10-year study, 64.2 percent of cases would have been averted

Few U.S. Adults Meet Most T2DM Risk Reduction Goals

March 07, 2018 Overall, 21, 29, and 13 percent meet goals for fruit, vegetable, and dairy intake, respectively

Repeated Ranibizumab Doesn’t Impair Macular Perfusion

March 07, 2018 Findings in patients with diabetic macular edema who completed 36 months of RESTORE study

Minorities Face Worse Prognosis and Complications in T1DM

March 06, 2018 Findings based on analysis of whites, blacks, and Hispanics during three years after diagnosis

Increase in Other Flavored Tobacco Use After Menthol Ban

March 05, 2018 Increase in percentage of those who attempted to quit at follow-up versus before ban implementation

ACP Updates Guidance for HbA1c Targets for Adults With T2DM

March 05, 2018 Clinicians should personalize glycemic control goals; aim for HbA1c of 7 to 8 percent for most adults

Global Costs of Diabetes Will Continue Rising Through 2030

March 05, 2018 Global economic burden will not decrease, even if international targets are met

Researchers ID Five Distinct Adult-Onset Diabetes Subgroups

March 02, 2018 These clusters show differing disease progression and risk of diabetic complications