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Pharmacist Participation in Medical Homes Aids Outcomes

December 15, 2017. 12:00 PM CST. Findings based on disease management goals for diabetes, blood pressure control Read article


Stricter Short-Term Glycemic Control May Increase Remission

December 14, 2017 Findings among newly diagnosed diabetes patients undergoing short-term intensive insulin therapy

Telemedicine Facilitates Diabetes Foot Ulcer Care

December 14, 2017 However, home-based telemedicine posed some technical and logistic challenges

Measuring Quality of Life Important With Diabetes Tx

December 13, 2017 Predictors of patient-reported outcomes vary by outcome examined

Findings Support Individualized Glycemic Control in T2DM

December 12, 2017 Approach saved $13,547/patient vs uniform intensive control, with lower medication costs

Artificial Intelligence Promising for CA, Retinopathy Diagnoses

December 12, 2017 Two studies evaluate use; one for breast cancer, the other for diabetic retinopathy

CABG May Be Best Method to Revascularize in Diabetes

December 12, 2017 Cardiac, cerebrovascular events lower in patients with multivessel coronary artery disease

Deceleration in Health Care Spending Growth in 2016

December 11, 2017 Enrollment trends drove slowdown in Medicaid and private health insurance spending growth in 2016

Stair-Step Clomiphene Reduces Time to Ovulation in PCOS

December 11, 2017 Stair-step clomiphene protocol increased ovulation rates at higher doses than traditional protocol

β-Cell Sensitivity to Glucose Impaired After Gastric Bypass

December 11, 2017 Individuals with prior Roux-en-Y gastric bypass have reduced β-cell glucose sensitivity

Bariatric Surgery Alters Liver Fatty Acid Metabolism

December 08, 2017 Increased blood flow may contribute to improved liver metabolism after surgery

Metabolic Risk Factors Linked to Severe Liver Disease

December 07, 2017 Diabetes only significant predictor among alcohol risk users; alcohol use predictive for non-risk drinkers

Moving More May Match Focused Exercise in Prediabetes

December 07, 2017 Total physical activity was as strongly associated with cardiometabolic risk factors as MVPA

Different Weight Loss Patterns Observed Following Bariatric Sx

December 06, 2017 Mean weight loss of 38.2 kg (28.4 percent), 18.8 kg (14.9 percent) seven years after RYGB, LAGB

Program Aids Quality of Life for Older Adults With T2DM

December 06, 2017 Intervention includes in-home nurse visits, wellness program, care coordination

Thyroidectomy-Specific Quality Improvement Measures ID’d

December 06, 2017 Hypocalcemia, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury may be useful quality improvement measures