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Elevated NT-proBNP Found to Up Cardiovascular Risk in T2DM

June 15, 2018. 12:00 PM CDT. Independently linked to major cardiovascular events, especially heart failure hospitalization Read article


Diabetes Meds Reconciliation May Reduce Risk of ER Visits

June 13, 2018 Medication reconciliation linked to lower risk of combined ER visits, hospitalization over six months

Strong Link Identified Between T2DM and Parkinson’s Disease

June 13, 2018 Findings in large cohort study based in the United Kingdom

IV Fluid Specs Do Not Influence Neuro Outcomes in Kids w/DKA

June 13, 2018 Infusion rate, % sodium chloride don't affect neuro outcomes in children with diabetic ketoacidosis

How Do Business Partner Data Breaches Affect Your Practice?

June 12, 2018 Business associate agreements should be prioritized; collaborative policies can help patch attacks

Female Teens, Young Adults Not Getting Enough Exercise

June 12, 2018 Disparities by race and income levels were seen among national sample

Long-Term Type 1 Diabetes Associated With Cognitive Decline

June 12, 2018 Deficits similar for long-term type 1 diabetes and age-matched patients with type 2 diabetes

Certification Status Tied to Physician Performance Measures

June 11, 2018 MOC linked to performance on selected Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set measures

2011 to 2017 Saw Drop in Youth Use of Any Tobacco Products

June 11, 2018 Electronic cigarettes most commonly used tobacco product among high, middle school students in 2017

Cancer Development Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

June 11, 2018 Increased risk of subsequent diabetes independent of traditional diabetes risk factors

Web Program Tied to Better Salt Knowledge, Behaviors in Children

June 08, 2018 Improvements seen in salt-related knowledge, behaviors, self-efficacy but no change in salt intake

Infant Omega-3 Supplementation Tied to Decreased Waist Size

June 08, 2018 At age 5 years, decreased waist circumference in both sexes, reduced insulin concentrations in boys

More Rapid Decline in Kidney Function for Diagnosed Diabetes

June 07, 2018 Much steeper decline in adjusted mean eGFR for those with diagnosed diabetes versus those without

Online Consumer Ratings of Physicians Tend to Be Skewed

June 06, 2018 Ratings also differ significantly by specialty group

Job Strain May Raise Death Risk in Men With Cardiometabolic Dz

June 06, 2018 Increased mortality greater than excess linked to HTN, obesity, physical inactivity, high alcohol intake

CDC: Prevalence of No Insurance Varies by Occupational Groups

June 06, 2018 Significant drop in prevalence of uninsured from 2013 to 2014; variation by occupation in both years