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Tap Water in Neti Pot Linked to Death From Brain-Eating Amoeba

December 10, 2018. 7:00 PM CST. Amoeba entered the upper nasal cavity and then the bloodstream, eventually reaching the brain Read article


Smaller Heads Related to Opioid-Related Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

December 10, 2018 Chronic opioid use in pregnancy resulting in NAS linked to smaller head circumference in neonates

Most Insured Patients Not Using Online Portals

December 07, 2018 Socioeconomic disparities exist in use of patient portals; privacy concerns cited for nonuse

Lack of Peds Preventive Care Ups Unplanned Hospital Admissions

December 07, 2018 Infants and children lacking vaccinations, development checks more likely to be admitted

Functional Nasal Surgery Can Improve Headache Symptoms

December 06, 2018 Eighty-five percent of patients report partial or complete resolution of headaches postoperatively

Few Physicians Work in Practices That Use Telemedicine

December 05, 2018 Specialty and larger practice size are correlates of telemedicine use

Migraine With Aura Linked to Increase in Incident A-Fib

December 05, 2018 Risk for AF up for migraine with aura vs. no headache, migraine without visual aura, after adjustment

Many Patients Withhold Information From Clinicians

December 04, 2018 Reasons for nondisclosure include not wanting to be judged or lectured, being embarrassed

Urate Elevation in Potential Tx for Parkinson’s Not Tied to HTN

December 04, 2018 Phase II clinical trial results, mouse model study show no link between serum urate, changes in BP

Prevalence of Ever-Diagnosed ASD 2.79 Percent in U.S. Children

December 03, 2018 ~70 percent of children with current ASD are treated; 20.3 percent receive behavioral tx and meds

Case Description Can Reliably Define Acute Flaccid Myelitis

November 30, 2018 Differences between patients with AFM, other diagnoses include asymmetry of weakness

Burnout, Satisfaction Vary With Age, Sex Among Neurologists

November 30, 2018 Sex does not independently predict burnout, fatigue, overall quality of life after controlling for age

Results of Pediatric Genomic Epilepsy Tests Often Reclassified

November 30, 2018 Over 30 percent of pediatric patients with genetic dx, undiagnosed conditions had results reclassified

Dementia Often Misclassified With Brief Cognitive Assessments

November 29, 2018 Only consistent predictor of overall misclassification was absence of informant-rated poor memory

Monitoring Movement Reflects Efficacy of Mandibular Splint

November 29, 2018 Monitoring mandibular movement reflects efficacy of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea

Liquid Biopsy Can Assess Tx Response of Peds Brain Tumors

November 29, 2018 Study is the first to document the utility of liquid biopsy in a pediatric brain tumor population