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Rates of Anal Cancer Precursors High in Women Living With HIV

July 22, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. Authors call for new screening strategies for anal cancer prevention in women living with HIV Read article


Prevalence of Malignancy High in Takotsubo Syndrome Patients

July 17, 2019 Those with malignancy have higher long-term mortality but no difference in short-term outcomes

HIV-Infected Cells Persist in CSF in Individuals on Long-Term ART

July 16, 2019 Cell-associated HIV DNA ID'd in CSF in nearly half of participants, tied to worse neurocognitive outcomes

Etanercept Tx for Autoimmune Disease May Up Risk for IBD

July 15, 2019 Findings seen in patients receiving etanercept for other autoimmune diseases

Serious Misdiagnosis-Related Harms Mostly Due to ‘Big Three’

July 12, 2019 Vascular events, infections, cancers account for 74.1 percent of high-severity misdiagnosis-related harms

Health Care Professionals Exhibit Gender Bias

July 11, 2019 Biases associate men with careers and surgery and women with family and family medicine

Two Algorithms Can ID Patients at Risk for HIV, PrEP Candidates

July 10, 2019 Algorithms use data from EHRs to identify candidates for preexposure prophylaxis

Guidance Updated for Managing Infants at Risk for Group B Strep

July 10, 2019 Risk assessment should consider infants born at ≥35 0/7 weeks and ≤34 6/7 weeks separately

Adults With Cerebral Palsy at Higher Risk for Osteoporosis

July 09, 2019 U.K. study also shows association between CP and osteoarthritis when adjusting for other factors

IL-6 Level May Predict Symptom Duration in Concussed Athletes

July 03, 2019 Interleukin 6 levels at six hours postconcussion are significantly associated with symptom duration

Neurofilament Light Chain Levels Predict Stroke Risk in Diabetes

July 03, 2019 Adding NfL to predictive score, including race and Framingham Stroke Risk Score, ups C-statistic

Urine Biomarker Helps Classify Risk Level in Prostate Cancer

July 03, 2019 Urine-derived extracellular vesicle RNA provides diagnostic, prognostic information in prostate cancer

Disparities Identified in Access to Infertility Care for U.S. Women

July 02, 2019 Women with incomes <$25,000 less often seek infertility care than those with incomes >$100,000

Considerable Number of Patients Receive Surprise Hospital Charges

July 02, 2019 18 percent of all ED visits, 16 percent of in-network hospital stays have at least one out-of-network charge

Romosozumab Increases Bone Formation, Cuts Bone Resorption

July 01, 2019 Lower values for resorption end points at month two persisted to month 12, indicating reduced turnover

Model Can Predict Lung Cancer in Patient With Visible Nodule on CT

July 01, 2019 Combination of clinical and radiologic factors can reliably predict risk for incident lung cancer