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Risk of Suicide Up for Teens, Young Adults After Self-Harm

March 19, 2018. 12:00 PM CDT. Risks of self-harm significantly higher for American Indians, Alaskan natives versus non-Hispanic whites Read article


BMI As Predictor of CVD Risk May Be More Susceptible to Bias

March 16, 2018 For four other measures of adiposity, increasing adiposity linked to more linear increase in CVD risk

Risk of Post-Tonsillectomy Complications Up for Under-3s

March 16, 2018 Increased risk of complications, complications within 24 hours of surgery, compared with older children

Higher Burden of Trichomonas vaginalis Infection in U.S. Blacks

March 16, 2018 Positive association for TV infection prevalence with female sex, black race, being below poverty level

Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Promising in T1DM Pregnancy

March 16, 2018 Comparable glucose control, less hypoglycemia vs. sensor-augmented pump tx in pregnant women

Patient, Logistical Factors Limit CKD Screening Among Blacks

March 16, 2018 However, culturally sensitive education, engagement can up community screening

Family Influences Older Adults’ Care Preferences

March 15, 2018 Preferences of those with advanced illness based on interaction of family, individual, and illness factors

Grass Peptide Immunotherapy Cuts Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

March 15, 2018 Subcutaneous injections administered over three-week period before grass pollen season

Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Poor Identified

March 15, 2018 Structural barriers included economic, health care, and health educational resources

Grilled Meat, Chicken Ups Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in U.S. Adults

March 15, 2018 Using open flames or high temps to cook red meat, chicken both linked to higher risk of T2DM

Prevalence of Sunburn 34.2 Percent in U.S. in 2015

March 15, 2018 About half of individuals aged 18 to 29 and those with sun-sensitive skin experienced sunburn

Higher Exposure to Air Pollution Adds to CVD Risk for Blacks

March 15, 2018 Higher rate of incident CVD events, all-cause mortality in blacks partly due to PM2.5 exposure

More Harms Than Benefits for E-Cigarettes at Population Level

March 15, 2018 Estimated 168,000 never-smoking young people could become daily smokers after starting e-cigs

Many Teens Using Tobacco Don’t Self-Identify As Users

March 15, 2018 Those in denial often single product users of roll-your-own, pipe, e-cigarette, cigar, or hookah tobacco

Zika-Tied Birth Defects in 7 Percent of Infected Pregnant Women

March 14, 2018 Defects occurred more frequently when Zika virus infection occurred in the first trimester

High Midlife Cardio Fitness May Ward Off Dementia in Women

March 14, 2018 Research shows high fitness at midlife delayed age of dementia onset by almost 10 years