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Making Insurers Participate in Marketplace Could Cut Volatility

December 14, 2017. 7:00 PM CST. Potential to improve access if federal, state governments require insurers to participate Read article


USPSTF Recommends Against Hormone Tx Post Menopause

December 12, 2017 Benefits do not outweigh harms of using hormone therapy for prevention of chronic conditions

Cognitive Status Doesn’t Impact Cortical Aβ, Tau in Parkinson’s

December 12, 2017 Cortical Aβ, tau does not differ in Parkinson's patients who are cognitively normal, with MCI

Preconception Paternal SSRI Use Linked to ADHD in Offspring

December 11, 2017 Slightly increased ADHD risk in children born to fathers using SSRI in the three months preconception

Deceleration in Health Care Spending Growth in 2016

December 11, 2017 Enrollment trends drove slowdown in Medicaid and private health insurance spending growth in 2016

Dopamine Receptor Antagonist Antipsychotic Tx Can Affect BP

December 08, 2017 Authors suggest BP monitoring for individuals on antipsychotic agents, especially clozapine

15 Million Americans Expected to Have Alzheimer’s by 2060

December 07, 2017 In 2017, 46.7 million Americans have preclinical AD, although not all will progress to clinical disease

Impaired White Matter Integrity for Depression in Parkinson’s

December 07, 2017 Reduced fractional anisotropy values in left anterior corona radiata, left cingulum of depressed patients

Spatial Variation in Psychosis Incidence in Rural Areas

December 04, 2017 For first episodes of nonaffective, affective psychotic disorders, incidence varies between neighborhoods

Risk of Persistent Opioid Use a Concern for Youth After Surgery

December 04, 2017 Highest risk of persistent opioid use seen in association with cholecystectomy and colectomy

Memory Scores Limited As Alzheimer’s Screening Tool

December 04, 2017 Scores are an early marker of amyloid positivity, but limited in value for those without dementia

Network Density Not Linked to Response in Teen Depression

December 01, 2017 No significant association between higher network strength and poorer outcomes

Lower Microbial Diversity in the Gut in Anorexia Nervosa

December 01, 2017 Alpha diversity lower in anorexia nervosa, obese participants versus other groups; highest for athletes

Magnesium Boosts Environmental Enrichment in Alzheimer’s

November 30, 2017 Combination of EE, magnesium-L-threonate more effective than either treatment alone in mouse model

Mean Serum Allopregnanolone Low Across Weight Extremes

November 30, 2017 Also tied to increased depression and anxiety severity, independent of body mass index

Clinician Denial of Patient Requests Impacts Satisfaction

November 28, 2017 Worse satisfaction in association with denial of request for referral, pain meds, other meds, lab tests