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Substance Abuse Is a Treatable Chronic Medical Condition

March 29, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. ACP position paper outlines health and public policy interventions for effective prevention and treatment Read article


Paid Malpractice Claims Cut in Half From 1992 to 2014 in U.S.

March 27, 2017 But, increase in mean compensation amounts and percentage of paid claims exceeding $1 million

Impact of Breastfeeding on Child Development May Be Short-Lived

March 27, 2017 After propensity matching, only statistically significant outcome was hyperactivity at age 3 years

Suicide Risk Not Up With New Rx of 5α-Reductase Inhibitor for BPH

March 27, 2017 But increased risk of self-harm and depression during initial 18 months after initiation of 5α-reductase

Recent Decline in Prescription Opioid Use Among U.S. Teens

March 24, 2017 Lifetime prevalence of use peaked in 1989, 2002, and remained stable until decline in 2013 to 2015

Treatment Seeking Low Among Teens With Eating Disorders

March 24, 2017 Those with counter-stereotypic presentation even less likely to seek treatment

REACH II, VA Did Not Increase Spending in Dementia Care

March 24, 2017 Behavioral interventions program for Alzheimer's patient caregivers did not increase health costs

30-Day Mortality Down During Joint Commission Survey Weeks

March 23, 2017 Patients admitted during survey weeks (versus non-survey weeks) have significantly lower mortality

Spouses Bereaved by Suicide Have Elevated Health Risks

March 23, 2017 Elevated risks of developing mental disorders and physical disorders relative to general population

Single Dose of SSRI Prompted Healthy Food Choices During Test

March 23, 2017 Citalopram increased choices of more versus fewer healthy foods relative to placebo

Review: Treatment Options for Benzodiazepine Dependence

March 23, 2017 Good evidence for cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational approaches to dependence

Higher Risk of Death From Injury Among Individuals With Autism

March 22, 2017 Leading causes of death attributed to injury include suffocation, asphyxiation, and drowning

Black, Asian Medical Students Less Likely to Be AΩA Members

March 21, 2017 After adjustment, black, Asian medical students are less likely than white students to be AΩA members

Behavioral Activation Plus Low Vision Rehab Beneficial in AMD

March 20, 2017 More effective than conventional optometric low vision services for age-related macular degeneration

Initial Rx Can Affect Likelihood of Long-Term Opioid Use

March 17, 2017 Prescribing opioids for three days or less may lower chances of addiction, researchers say

Los Angeles eConsult Program Can Reduce Wait Times

March 17, 2017 eConsult program rapidly adopted; used by more than 3,000 primary care providers by 2015