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Fewer Older Men Assessed, Treated for Osteoporosis

February 15, 2019. 7:00 PM CST. Fewer older men than women, even with higher risk, undergo DXA screening, 25(OH)D measurement Read article


Many Systematic Reviews Do Not Fully Report Adverse Events

February 12, 2019 Of 146 protocols analyzed, 65 percent fully reported adverse events as intended by the protocol

Low Fitness, Obesity Linked to Later Disability Pension

February 11, 2019 Being moderately or highly fit as teen linked to lower risk for later receipt of disability pension in men

Discord Found in Clinician-, Criteria-Based Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

February 07, 2019 Physicians fail to ID half of criteria-positive patients, incorrectly ID 11 percent of criteria-negative patients

MRI-Guided Tx Strategy Not Superior for Rheumatoid Arthritis

February 06, 2019 No difference seen in proportion reaching primary end point versus conventional strategy

Compounded Topical Pain Creams No Better Than Placebo

February 05, 2019 At one month, no significant difference seen in positive outcomes for treatment vs. control

Long-Term Opioid Use With OA Varies Across States

February 05, 2019 Variance not fully explained by differences in access to health care providers or patient characteristics

Tofacitinib Benefits Sustained for Two Years in Patients With RA

February 04, 2019 Safety, tolerability through 24 months was consistent with 12-month tofacitinib analysis

Discontinuing TNFi Before Gestational Week 20 Is Feasible

February 01, 2019 No clinically meaningful disease worsening among women with well-controlled RA, juvenile arthritis

Pharmacist-Led Phone Follow-Up May Cut Readmission Rates

February 01, 2019 Intervention for polypharmacy patients linked to improved readmission rates, time to readmission

Longitudinal TNF Levels Mainly Stable With Adalimumab in RA

February 01, 2019 Early low TNF strongly associated with formation of antidrug antibodies, may predict nonresponse

Methotrexate Well Tolerated, Effective for Psoriasis in Chinese

January 31, 2019 Greater therapeutic response, fewer adverse events seen in those without psoriatic arthritis

Evidence Lacking for Benefit of Surgery for Vertebral Fractures

January 28, 2019 No significant benefit with percutaneous vertebroplasty over placebo for acutely painful VF

Report IDs Areas Lacking Good Practice in Health Tech Assessment

January 25, 2019 Three areas include defining organizational aspects, use of deliberative process, examining impact

Heberden’s Nodes in Fingers Tied to Knee Osteoarthritis

January 22, 2019 Significant associations seen between presence of HNs and MRI measures of knee arthritis

Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis Tied to Increased Risk for Death

January 18, 2019 Risk higher for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal mortality; lower risk for cancer mortality