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Online Ratings Not Aligned With Objective Quality Measures

October 16, 2017. 7:00 PM CDT. In addition, consumer ratings are consistent across platforms for specialist physicians Read article


U.S. Filipinos Have Higher Thyroid Cancer Mortality

October 13, 2017 Age-adjusted mortality rates higher than in non-Filipino Asians, non-Hispanic whites

Across U.S., Wide Variation Seen in Thyroidectomy Rates

October 12, 2017 Rate per 100,000 Medicare beneficiaries ranges from 22 to 139, a 6.2-fold difference

Genetic Variant Tied to Prostate Cancer Outcomes

October 12, 2017 Time to metastasis, length of survival vary by number of HSD3B1 (1245C) variant alleles

Virtual Planning May Help With Nasal Obstruction Surgery

October 12, 2017 Surgeons rank the tool a 3.4 out of 5 for how realistic it is compared with actual surgery

Six-Month Tai Chi Program Improves Physical Activity in CHD

October 12, 2017 Improvements in activity, weight, QoL for patients with coronary heart disease refusing cardiac rehab

Low-Cost Services a Major Player in Unnecessary Health Spending

October 12, 2017 Costs associated with low-cost, low-value health services nearly twice as high as high-cost services

30-Day Mortality Lower With Female Surgeons

October 11, 2017 But surgeon sex is not associated with differences in readmissions or complications

Medical License Questions Sway Doctors’ Mental Health Help

October 11, 2017 Asking only about current mental health may encourage help-seeking behavior

Critical Care Nurses Should Be Prepared for Open Abdomen

October 11, 2017 Continuing education article outlines patient management strategies

Educational Intervention in Hospital Can Cut Catheter Use

October 11, 2017 Intervention targets nurses, doctors; includes posters, small-group lessons, health record changes

New Tool IDs Mortality Risk After Bladder Cancer Surgery

October 11, 2017 Tool incorporates the relative contribution of tumor stage, lymph node involvement

Medial Temporal Lobe Surgery Linked to Prevalence of Tinnitus

October 10, 2017 Increased prevalence of tinnitus compared with controls and participants with self-reported epilepsy

Novel Metrics Suggested for Assessing EHR Use

October 10, 2017 Metrics aim to provide insight into the clinician experience in light of impaired practice efficiency

Medicare Coverage Restrictions for Opioids Rose From ‘06 to ‘15

October 10, 2017 Formularies increasingly using quantity limits and prior authorization to restrict daily allowable dosing

Injured Patients Want More Info on Safety Improvement Efforts

October 09, 2017 Eighteen of 30 patients and family members reported the CRP experience to be positive overall