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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Can Reduce Benign Biopsy Rate

March 21, 2019. 12:00 PM CDT. Fewer benign biopsies necessary with DBT compared with full-field digital mammography Read article


Less Invasive Method Safely IDs Epilepsy Surgical Candidates

March 15, 2019 Stereoelectroencephalography has better outcomes than subdural electrode implants in some cases

CDC: Most Americans Report Excellent, Good Health

March 13, 2019 Most health measures remained stable from 2017; percent of adults who have been tested for HIV increased

Total Thyroidectomy Improves HRQoL in Hashimoto Thyroiditis

March 12, 2019 Improvement in HRQoL, fatigue for patients with persistent symptoms despite normal thyroid gland function

Timing of Medicare Loss Linked to Kidney Transplant Outcomes

March 11, 2019 Medication possession ratio lower for recipients with early, late Medicare loss versus no coverage loss

Surgery for Uncomplicated Appendicitis Typically Yields Satisfactory Outcomes

March 08, 2019 Current surgical practice in U.S. adults involves presurgery imaging, laparoscopic approach

Home Health Clinicians Frequently Lack Access to Hospital Records

March 08, 2019 Additionally, patients often not prepared with realistic expectations to receive home health care

Complication Rate After Bariatric Surgery Higher for Black Patients

March 07, 2019 Black patients also have longer stays, higher rates of ED visits and readmissions, less satisfaction

2004 to 2017 Saw Increase in Fractures for Elderly Dog Walkers

March 07, 2019 Most patients sustained hip fractures; more than one-quarter of patients required admission

Preoperative Frailty Linked to Surgical Outcomes, Costs

March 06, 2019 Incidence of major morbidity, readmission, mortality correlated with frailty classification

Blood Test Offers Early Warning for Kidney Transplant Rejection

March 06, 2019 Monitoring for certain genes in peripheral blood samples might predict rejection before it occurs

Electronic Order Set May Reduce Inappropriate ECG Monitoring

March 06, 2019 Findings observed among hospitalized patients not in an intensive care unit

Some Lose Independence After Surgical Tx of Femoral Neck Fx

March 06, 2019 Factors associated with odds of living independently and walking without an aid identified

Intraoperative Methylprednisolone During Bypass Not Renal Protective

March 04, 2019 No decrease in acute kidney injury seen with intraoperative steroids during cardiopulmonary bypass

COPD, ILD Patients May Not Benefit From Bilateral Lung Transplant Listing

March 04, 2019 Unrestricted lung transplant listing strategy may increase transplant rates without affecting survival

Risk Factors ID’d for Site Infection After Orthopedic Surgery in Seniors

February 28, 2019 Diabetes, morbid obesity, smoking, longer surgery, low albumin level up risk for surgical site infection