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HIV Testing Inadequate in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men

June 26, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. Only 28 percent of young MSM have HIV testing, though they account for 83 percent of new diagnoses Read article


Novel Biomarkers Identified for Prostate Cancer in Non-Blacks

June 19, 2017 PCA3 and T2ERG add utility for predicting prostate cancer when combined with PCPT risk calculator

Sedentary Lifestyle May Up Risk of Renal, Bladder Cancers

June 15, 2017 73 percent increased risk for bladder cancer, 77 percent increased risk for renal

Risk of HPV-Linked Second Cancers Up After Anal Cancer

June 15, 2017 Men have higher standardized incidence ratio than women for second primary malignancy

Expedited Partner Therapy Helps Reduce STI Incidence

June 13, 2017 Lower chlamydia, gonorrhea rates seen when one person can obtain treatment for both partners

Medical Students Lacking Proficiency in BP Measurements

June 12, 2017 Among 159 medical students, a mean of 4.1 elements out of 11 were performed properly

Review: Depression Screening As Inpatient Important, Feasible

June 12, 2017 Still, more research needed to determine effect of screening/treatment on patient outcomes

U.S. Leads in Income-Based Health Care Inequalities

June 08, 2017 More public tolerance for health care inequalities seen in United States than other countries

Certain Cancer Diagnoses Up in High-Income Counties in U.S.

June 08, 2017 But combined death rate from four cancers studied is similar in high- and low-income counties

Cool Water Works As Well As Hot for Ridding Hands of Germs

June 02, 2017 Time spent scrubbing hands with soap more important that water temperature

Substantial Increase in Costs With Metastases in Prostate CA

June 02, 2017 Costs peak during month of metastases diagnosis, reaching $13,291

Social Psychology May Help With Physician Error Disclosure

May 30, 2017 Deliberate practice, together with lessons from social psychology, can implement change in error disclosure

High-Risk Pools May Represent Step Back for U.S. Health Care

May 30, 2017 Higher premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs likely to make high-risk pools unaffordable

Reduction in Post-Op Delirium With mHELP Program

May 26, 2017 Modified Hospital Elder Life Program could help reduce risk for seniors having abdominal surgery

Technology Can Help Patients Facing Routine Decisions

May 26, 2017 Use of technology makes appointments more productive, helps patients engage in the decision

Path to Empathy Deemed As Vital As Being Empathetic

May 25, 2017 Conclusion could be especially useful in context of medical professions, researcher says