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Powerful New Cholesterol Med Won’t Harm Memory, Easing Concerns

August 16, 2017. 5:00 PM EST. Study findings on Repatha are 'reassuring,' but expert wants longer follow-up By Amy Norton
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‘Fat But Fit’ a Myth?

August 14, 2017 Extra weight linked to extra risk, even if blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all normal

Heart Risk Up if Hospitalized for Pneumonia or Sepsis

August 11, 2017 And, the increased risk lasts for at least 5 years, study finds

Kidney Disease May Boost Risk of Abnormal Heartbeat

August 10, 2017 And, the worse the kidney problems, the greater the odds of the heart condition, researchers say

Obesity Slows Recovery for Heart Surgery Patients: Study

August 10, 2017 They're four times more likely to need more time in intensive care, three times more likely to be readmitted

Is Pot Linked to Blood Pressure Deaths?

August 10, 2017 Study suggests so, but heart expert questions the finding

By Age 12, Poor May Show Signs of Heart Risks Ahead

August 09, 2017 Neck arteries are narrower than those of wealthier children, study says

Stroke Rates Drop for U.S. Men, But Not Women

August 09, 2017 Explanations for the disparity aren't clear

Racial Gap Narrows for Survival of Hospitalized Cardiac Arrest Patients

August 09, 2017 Difference stems from resuscitation, researchers report

Heart Health Ignored by Many With Type 2 Diabetes

August 08, 2017 New evidence review reconfirms patient guidelines

Blood Pressure Fluctuations Tied to Dementia Risk in Study

August 07, 2017 But the research only found an association, not cause-and-effect connection

Angioplasty Outcomes Almost Equal Among Hospitals

August 07, 2017 'Safety-net' facilities do as well as other hospitals with the artery procedure, researchers find

Midlife Behaviors May Affect Your Dementia Risk

August 07, 2017 Of greatest importance are diabetes, blood pressure and smoking, researchers say

10 Factors to Predict Bleeding Risk in Stroke Survivors

August 02, 2017 New method may aid doctors in assessing harms, benefits of anti-clotting drugs

Stopping Statins After Stroke May Raise Risk of Another

August 02, 2017 Large study serves as warning for stroke survivors who are prescribed cholesterol-lowering meds

Less Than Half of U.S. Stroke Patients Get Rx for Statins

August 02, 2017 Country-wide comparison finds geography, age and gender affect who gets cholesterol-lowering meds