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Kitties Absorb Flame Retardants—How About Your Kiddies?

April 04, 2017. 5:00 PM EST. Cats test positive for harmful chemicals found in house dust, so tots might, too, study suggests Read article


Testosterone Therapy May Have Benefits, But Risks Too

February 21, 2017 While trials show it boosts bone density and lowers anemia risk, heart risks also seen

‘Love Hormone’ Helps Dads and Babies Bond

February 17, 2017 Brain scans show distinct response when fathers gaze at their kids

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Don’t Get Life-Extending Therapy

February 02, 2017 Study estimates nearly 15,000 lives saved over decade if all who needed hormone treatment got it

Check Your Neck for Thyroid Abnormalities

January 26, 2017 20 million Americans have thyroid disease, but only 4 out of 10 know it, doctors say

Should Pregnant Women Always Be Treated for Underactive Thyroid?

January 25, 2017 New study finds the therapy may have potential risks, and specialists say more study is needed

Unlocking the Secrets of the Love Hormone Kisspeptin

January 24, 2017 Injections of the substance might boost sexual and romantic feelings, researchers say

Just How Safe Is That Baby Teether?

December 07, 2016 Researchers say they found harmful chemicals in 59 products

Testosterone Therapy May Be Linked to Serious Blood Clots

November 30, 2016 Risk peaks in the first 6 months of hormone treatment, but overall odds are low, study finds

Menopause Before 40? Risk of Broken Bones May Be Higher

November 11, 2016 And traditional preventive treatments don't erase added danger, new study suggests

Low Vitamin D Levels May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk: Study

November 08, 2016 Researchers say finding might lead to cheap and safe way to prevent the disease

Those Low on ‘Love Hormone’ May Have Less Empathy: Study

November 07, 2016 Medical conditions can affect ocytocin levels

Male Birth Control in a Shot: Promising, But More Work Needed

October 27, 2016 Injections as effective as other contraceptives, but side effects prompted early halt of trial

FDA Warns of Dangers From Testosterone Supplements

October 26, 2016 Many American men take them, but heart and psychological issues can occur, agency says

Can Hormonal Rx for Prostate Cancer Raise Dementia Risk?

October 13, 2016 Study found chances doubled, but did not prove androgen deprivation caused damage to brain

Researchers Pinpoint More Genes Linked to Vitiligo

October 12, 2016 Genetic clues to this autoimmune disease could lead to breakthroughs for related disorders, researchers say