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5 Health Tips to Promote Back-to-School Success

August 17, 2019. 9:00 AM CDT. Read article


Health Threats Don’t End for Some Sepsis Survivors

August 09, 2019

Vulnerable Preemie Babies Often Behind On Vaccines

August 07, 2019

Adults Need Vaccines, Too

August 06, 2019

4 Tips for a Healthier Home

August 05, 2019

CDC Renews Pledge to Fight Ebola Outbreak in Africa

August 01, 2019

Dual Therapy Might Be Advance Against Genital Herpes, Animal Study Suggests

August 01, 2019

Are Too Many Kids Prescribed Antihistamines?

July 30, 2019

Where Is Your Risk of Dying Greatest After Surgery?

July 29, 2019

Could Climate Change Help Spread Dangerous Fungal Infection?

July 24, 2019

Traveling Abroad? Make Sure Your Measles Shot Is Up to Date

July 24, 2019

Many Americans Take Antibiotics Without a Prescription

July 22, 2019

WHO Declares Congo Ebola Outbreak a ‘Global Health Emergency’

July 17, 2019

Chinese Scientists Cut Local Numbers of Dangerous Mosquito by 94%

July 17, 2019

Disinfectants Can’t Stop This Dangerous Hospital Germ

July 16, 2019

Many Pneumonia Patients Get Too Many Antibiotics

July 12, 2019