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Heavy Teens May Be Setting Themselves Up for a Stroke

June 28, 2017. 4:00 PM EST. But kids who lose weight by age 20 can cut their chances, study suggests By Don Rauf
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Study Challenges Touted Link Between Eczema and Heart Disease

June 26, 2017 Researcher now probing whether more severe cases of the skin disorder increase odds of heart problems

Early Care by Cardiologist May Lower Stroke Risk for A-Fib Patients

June 26, 2017 They're likelier to prescribe blood thinners than primary care doctors, study finds

Regular Sleep Makes for Happier College Students

June 23, 2017 When erratic snoozers improve shut-eye habits, they feel better, study finds

Can Smartphone Use Bring on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

June 23, 2017 Maybe, especially for folks who spend more than 5 hours a day on their devices, study says

Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent or Slow Dementia

June 22, 2017 The public should be aware of this encouraging research, expert says

Too Few Women, Docs Understand Dangers of Heart Disease

June 22, 2017 It kills more than all cancers combined, but study says many overlook the risk

OCD May Be Linked to Inflammation in the Brain: Study

June 22, 2017 Breakthrough could spur better treatments for anxiety disorder, researchers say

Secondhand Smoke Still Plagues Some Cancer Survivors

June 22, 2017 Study found they face health risks from continued exposure

Big Gap in Cancer Deaths Between Rich, Poor Countries

June 21, 2017 Poorer nations need greater access to effective health care and prevention programs, researchers say

Head Position May Not Affect Outcome After Stroke

June 21, 2017 International study suggests patients will do as well sitting up as following doctor's orders to lie on their backs

Rogue Genes May Cause Some ALS Cases

June 21, 2017 Most people with Lou Gehrig's disease have no known family history of it

Severe Headaches Plague Vets With Traumatic Brain Injuries

June 20, 2017 Study finds they can last up to 11 years after initial injury

Study Hints at Link Between Some Statins, Parkinson’s Risk

June 20, 2017 But the connection was only seen with certain types of the cholesterol-lowering drugs

Many Chronic Illnesses Linked to Suicide Risk

June 20, 2017 Odds 9 times higher for people with traumatic brain injury, study suggests

Vaccine Curbs High Cholesterol in Mice

June 20, 2017 Cardiologists call the results 'exciting,' but stress that only research in humans can confirm the findings