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Many Women Who Get Breast Cancer Gene Test Don’t Need It

March 28, 2017. 2:00 PM EST. 6 out of 10 screened weren't at high risk for the disease, researchers say Read article


Keep Colon Cancer at Bay

March 22, 2017 Colonoscopy best way to detect disease while still curable, gastroenterologist says

Helping Cancer Caregivers Help Themselves

March 22, 2017 Loved ones must find time to address their own needs in order help others, social workers advise

Family History of Colon Cancer Calls for Earlier Screening

March 21, 2017 Talk to your doctor if relatives have had this cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatments Have Varying Side Effects, Study Shows

March 21, 2017 Even 'active surveillance' may have risks, such as anxiety

Obesity in Youth Tied to Higher Odds for Liver Cancer in Men

March 21, 2017 Fatty deposits in the organ, along with diabetes, can raise the risk, researchers and specialists say

Blood Test May Spot Lung Cancer’s Return, Even Before Scans

March 20, 2017 Small study finds the new technique beats CT and PET scans by around 6 months

Social Struggles Linger for Many Young Cancer Survivors

March 20, 2017 Challenges persist up to 2 years after diagnosis, study finds

Seniors With Brain Cancer May Have Better Treatment Option

March 15, 2017 Chemo plus radiation appears to extend survival of older glioblastoma patients, study says

Another Obesity Downside: Higher Esophageal Cancer Risk

March 15, 2017 Research shows association with increased odds for stomach tumors as well

Is Radiation Therapy Overused in Breast Cancer Care?

March 14, 2017 Shorter course less expensive, equally effective in certain patients, researchers say

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors Face Risk of Second Cancer: Study

March 13, 2017 Those diagnosed at younger age or have a family history of cancer even more vulnerable

Gleevec Keeps a Leukemia in Check for More Than a Decade: Study

March 08, 2017 Plus, there's no evidence of safety concerns linked to long-term use of the drug, researchers say

Study Casts Doubt on a Brain Cancer’s Link to Herpes

March 07, 2017 Researchers find no evidence of cytomegalovirus in tumor tissue

Soy Safe, Even Protective, for Breast Cancer Survivors

March 07, 2017 Study of 6,200 women finds the food linked to lower risk of death after nearly a decade of follow-up

More Teens Turning Their Backs on Tanning Beds: CDC

March 03, 2017 Half as many high school students reported indoor tanning in 2015 versus 2009, survey finds