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5 Steps to Protect Young Athletes’ Eyes

May 01, 2021. 1:00 PM CDT. Read article


Even in a Pandemic, Child Vision Tests Are Crucial

March 31, 2021

Eye Care Is Key When You’re Working From Home

March 27, 2021

New Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment Could Harm Hearing

March 23, 2021

Vision Problems Are On the Decline for American Seniors

March 17, 2021

Scientists Create Human Tear Glands That Cry in the Lab

March 16, 2021

Your Eyes May Signal Your Risk for Stroke, Dementia

March 11, 2021

Scientists Gain Insight Into Genetics of Glaucoma

March 03, 2021

New Hope for Better Treatments Against Macular Degeneration

February 22, 2021

What Causes Herpes Cold Sore Flare-Ups? New Study Offers Clues

February 17, 2021

Severe COVID-19 Linked With Changes in Eyes of Survivors

February 17, 2021

Bleeding Gums? You Might Be Lacking Vitamin C

February 10, 2021

Hand Sanitizer Is Harming Kids’ Eyes, Often Seriously

January 25, 2021

For Rising Number of People, Obesity Is a Literal Headache

January 22, 2021

Promising Steps Toward Retinal Cell Transplants to Fight Blindness

January 19, 2021

Vision Problems? Here’s a Guide to Which Specialist Is Right for You

January 17, 2021