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Kidney Disease Is Tougher on Men Than Women, and Researchers Now Know Why

12:13 PM CST. By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter Read article More Nephrology News


Reduced eGFR Linked to Increased Mortality in A-Fib

4:08 PM CST.

Moderately-to-severely decreased eGFR had significant effect on all-cause mortality specifically…


September 2020 Briefing - Nephrology

October 01, 2020. The Monthly Journal Summary is a single article covering the most important journal articles published in the previous 30 days.


R. Zein, Pharm D's avatarDiabetic Nephropathy - Early intervention is the key!

R. Zein, Pharm D. Diabetes has become the most common single cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in the United States and worldwide. This is due to the fact that diabetes, in particular type 2 diabetes, is increasing in prevalence and patients with diabetes are living longer. Diabetes has become the most common single…


Tamer M. Fouad, M.D.'s avatar

Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis

By Tamer M. Fouad, M.D.

Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis (PSGN) is an uncommon complication of either a streptococcal throat or a streptococcal skin infection. PSGN involves…


RE: Investigational Topical Minocycline Gel for Acne Advances to Phase III Development

By namabc

As I understand, this is a great step of development that we can use to save many people from horrible diseases. and i also hope Dr.Lain and your partners…