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Can the Bacteria in Your Belly Ease Your Worrying Mind?

5:00 PM CDT. Read article More Nutrition News


Lactose-Intolerant Can Tolerate Cup of Milk Daily

10:39 AM CDT. Most adults with presumed lactose intolerance can tolerate 12 to 15 g of lactose



Debbie Miller, RN's avatarPregnancy Weight Gain Guidelines in the US - a Historical Overview

Debbie Miller, RN. Prior to the introduction of the medical community in the natural birth process, any maternal recommendations and guidelines were passed from mother to daughter or through lay midwives, herbal and folk practitioners. Childbirth, though risky, was not considered pathological and the majority did not receive…

Tamer M. Fouad, M.D.'s avatarSoft drink consumption may increase risk of pancreatic cancer

Tamer M. Fouad, M.D..

Consuming two or more soft drinks per week increased the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by nearly two-fold compared with individuals who did not consume soft drinks, according to a report in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Debbie Miller, RN's avatarPregnancy Planning in the Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Debbie Miller, RN. It has been documented that obesity in an expectant mother negatively affects her pregnancy. This can begin even before conception since infertility is a frequent problem associated with excess weight. In addition, pregnancy in an obese woman tends to place her at higher risk than others of normal weight…



RE: Investigational Topical Minocycline Gel for Acne Advances to Phase III Development

By MrRobin

Great articles. learnt a lot from it.