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Are Too Many Kids Prescribed Antihistamines?

12:00 PM CDT. Read article More Urology News


Renal Anomaly on Fetal Scan May Up Risk for Admission for Child

12:00 PM CDT. Renal pelvis dilatation persisting in later pregnancy or after birth tied to increased risk for…


July 2019 Briefing - Urology

August 01, 2019. The Monthly Journal Summary is a single article covering the most important journal articles published in the previous 30 days.


M. Aroon Kamath, M.D.'s avatarUse of Balloon and Balloon-like devices in Medicine

M. Aroon Kamath, M.D..

I recently came across a very interesting article listing the many extended uses of the Foley’s catheter in plastic surgery [1]. This article prompted me to attempt to compile information on the various ways in which Balloon catheters and other devices based on the balloon principle have been used…


Dr. Safaa Mahmoud's avatar

Prostate cancer

By Dr. Safaa Mahmoud Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the United States other than skin cancer. Of all the men who are diagnosed with cancer each…


RE: Investigational Topical Minocycline Gel for Acne Advances to Phase III Development

By namabc

As I understand, this is a great step of development that we can use to save many people from horrible diseases. and i also hope Dr.Lain and your partners…