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Infectious Disease Articles

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H5N1 pandemic flu vaccine achieved a high immune response at a low dose of antigen in clinical trials.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Thursday 27th July, 2006

If given enough opportunities, the H5N1 can change into a highly infectious form that spreads easily from person to person.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Thursday 27th July, 2006

High-dose influenza vaccines may increase elderly patients' immune response without significant adverse effects.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Friday 26th May, 2006

Oral sex may be a risk factor for NGU, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in both men and women.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Monday 16th January, 2006

Oral Zyvox shows cost savings for outpatient treatment of skin and other infections when compared to vancomycin.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Tuesday 18th October, 2005

Diseases such as typhoid or cholera, are unlikely to break out after floods in areas where they do not naturally occur.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Thursday 15th September, 2005

Staphylococcus aureus infections create an enormous burden to hospitals by significantly increasing costs, length of patient stays and mortality rates.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Thursday 11th August, 2005

The results of the Mexican study strongly suggest that DOTS reduces transmission of resistant strains by curing potential multi-drug resistant cases of TB.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Monday, 4th April 2005

Studies which report that influenza vaccination reduces winter mortality risk among the elderly by 50 percent maybe overestimated.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Monday 21st February, 2005

The study found that uncircumcised men have more than twice the risk of acquiring HIV than do circumcised men.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Friday, 21st January 2005

Bloodstream infections caused by Candida have the highest mortality rate among hospital-acquired bloodstream infections in the Unites States.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Saturday, 1st January 2005

Previous assumptions about extrapolating data from cervical disease in women to anal HPV infection in men who have sex with men must be questioned.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Thursday, 18th November 2004

By exploiting telomerase's growth influence on telomeres, researchers were able to keep the immune cells youthful and active as they replicated under HIV attack.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Monday, 15th November 2004

Diflucan, taken once a week for six months was found to reduce the frequency of recurrent vaginal Candida infections by more than 90%.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Friday, 27th August 2004

The new outbreak in Yambio has killed between 25 and 30 percent of the people infected. The CDC had indicated that the outbreak is not linked to the known strains of Ebola virus.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Monday, 7th June 2004

Both CDC & WHO have received reports of outbreaks of a severe form of pneumonia worldwide.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Sunday, 19th April 2003

Evidence of the virus dropped 50-fold in the blood cells of macaques and 1,000-fold in plasma.

Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D.

Wednesday, 1st January 2003

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