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Question: Brain Fog - disconnected feeling

 reggietoga - Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:32 am

I am a 27 yr old male, 6ft 190lbs. following a bad viral infection (at least thats what the doctors called it because they couldnt find anything) in which I had bad stomach pain and complete loss of appetite for 2 weeks, I started getting flashes of being lightheaded. after a few days of these flashes, it suddenly became constant. I originally described it as vertigo, but I am not dizzy, I just feel as if I am medicated or disconnected from the world. Brain fog is the best term I can find as I just feel "off" and have difficulty doing things that I could normally do with my eyes closed. this has been going on for 2 months now, and it is frustrating. concentration is difficult, and I feel as if something is definately wrong with me. also, this past week I have started to get tingling sensations in my forehead area. these come and go and seem to be random. I have seen an ent doc, as well as a neurologist, and my next stop is a cardiologist I believe. below are some tests that I have had done.

ct scan of head (came back normal)
MRI (awaiting results)
blood work (came back normal - multiple times)
hearing test (normal)

anyone with similar symptoms? before anyone asks, I don't have any problems with Anxiety or stress as I am one of the most laid back guys that you will ever meet. I just cant shake this thing.
 RexRacer - Wed Mar 01, 2006 2:54 pm

Wow! I am having the same symptoms as you are reggie. Briefly, during the Christmas holidays I was down with the flu or some upper resp. infection. I took antibiotics and decongestants to combat the sickness. Just about the time I was feeling better, I went to bed and woke the next a.m. with brain fog and tinnitus. I went to my Dr. and he eventually sent me for a CT scan and MRI which were both clear (except for a benign arachnoid cyst - said it was no big deal and not the cause of my symptoms). Anyway, no relief so I went to an ENT (hearing test - okay), Opthamologist (eye test - okay) and a Neurologist (looked at CT & MRI - normal) and all couldn't find the problem. Still I have brain fog (better when rested but still there - gets worse when I am tired) and tinnitus (same as fog). Next I have allergy testing this month.
I am more fatigued than ever. I use to run 3 mi. four times a week, workout with weights 5 days a week and now I am down to walking and doing light weights 3-4 days a week. My concentration is way off and I have to read E-mails a couple of times before sending so I know they are right.
I have been taking a B multivitamin and magnesium which has some good effects but doesnt rid me of the fog. I can cope with tinnitus but the fog is very irritating. I thought I had CFID (Chronic Fatigue) but I took an online test which told me that I wasn't a candidate. I have surfed the net and see the possibilities of causes from Lyme's, Thyroid problems, low Testosterone, allergies to a new one I found - Toxic Encephalopathy (enviro poisoning). If I only knew what it was and there wasn't much that could be done - I could cope better but its the not knowing which is frustrating. I will keep you posted on my quest back to good help - if you will do the same.
 reggietoga - Thu Mar 02, 2006 11:10 am

i have also found that my brain fog is worse when i don't get enough sleep. never use to bother me much besides getting a little tired late in the day, but now its like i cant even do the simplest task when i havent gotten enough sleep. i find myself making stupid mistakes at work and its frustrating. my memory is also not what it used to be before i got sick.

i am probably not in as good of shape as your in, but i am / was an avid golfer, i occassionally ski. im 6ft aprox 185lbs.

i had an EEG yesterday, and should get the results from my MRI tomorrow. both will probably come back clean (which is good i guess), but damn i want some answers.

did you ever get a diagnosis for the virus or infection that you had?? cause i was really sick and had all kinds of tests (upper GI series, ultrasound, ct scan of abdomin, EKG, Endoscopy) and all came back normal. doctors never gave me a diagnosis besides gastritis, but i don't buy that diagnosis. it seems as if they were trying to pasify me. my stomach is still not right, but i don't have pain anymore so that is fine. but this constant disconected feeling, or brain fog is just damn annoying and kinda scary at the same time.

like i said, all started about 4 or 5 days after my stomach problems kinda went away. i started getting flashes of Brian fog or dizziness, then it became constant. i also had a swollen gland in my neck when this brain fog started which made me think my body was fighting some sort of infection.

i am starting to believe that i am some sort of medical mystery. i just cant believe that my doctors have never seen someone with my problem before.

i will keep checking this post to see how your doing, i hope you have better luck than ive been having.
 RexRacer - Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:23 am


It sounds like we are in sorta the same boat here, though I believe your symthoms are more intense. I've had all the tests except those for my gut but a friend of mine who is a biochemist feels that all my problems stem from my gut. I am having a heck of a time with digestion and am constipated - always - 3 or so days between bowel movements - which was uncommon for me in the past. I was a regular as anyone could be. Anyway, I have been reading up on Candida Albicans, which doctors usually do not diagnose (for whatever reason) and I am starting to believe that this may be my problem.. Candida (a fungus I believe) starts in the gut and can cause many of the symthoms that I have and maybe you too. I have been to some of the forums for Candida and a lot of the people on the forums have the same symthoms as I. Even though it may be Candida, there are scores of herbs, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and medications that people are taking for the problem - some work some - who knows. My biggest problem is the "brain fog". I hate not being myself. I have a very technical job and need clear thinking/vision to do my best and right now I am not at my best. If I find more out about this Candida or any other malady that may be related to our symthoms, I will pass it on. You might want to check out this forum
for more info on candida. It's a shame we have to find out what is wrong with us. You would think medicine would have some clue.
 reggietoga - Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:56 am

i agree that the brain fog is a huge pain in the butt. i have told every doctor that i have been too that i believe my 'brain fog" is somehow related to my gut problem. My GI doc said that unless i was anemic, it doesnt look like there is any relation. my primary said the same thing and put me on antibiotics for a sinus infection.

i cant stand feeling like this all the time. although, when something has my attention and i concentrate hard, i don't notice the brain fog as much. but when i stop, i notice it again.

i have even tried a chiropractor, and while my back feels like a million bucks, it did nothing for the brain fog.

I have noticed a change in my bowel movements as well. its as if i have to force myself to go sometimes because i feel like i havent gone in a little while. i use to go almost everyday like clockwork after my cup of coffee, and now it is more sporatic.

I almost feel like my body isnt getting enough nutrients from the food im eating and my brain doesnt like it.

i will let you know if i find some sort of solution to our problem because i am going to keep on making dr. appointments until i either feel better or at least get a solid diagnosis.
 reggietoga - Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:12 am

well, mri and eeg came back normal (thats good i guess). the neurologist wants me to see a cardiologist next, but i am not confident that the cardiologist is the solution at this point.

i have scheduled another appointment with a GI doctor to see if candida is a possibility. however, i cant get in to see him until may. this brain fog is draining me mentally. im not sure if i am fatigued or if i just don't feel like doing anything because of the way my head feels. i truly feel that my gut problems are causing these other symptoms. but for some reason, my other GI doc and my primary don't see a connection. they told me i didnt look anemic so there wasnt a problem. well, do you have to be anemic to have your stomach affect other parts of your body? damn i am frustrated.
 JeannieF - Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:20 am

I have had sympyoms like you describe since the 1st of Feb and Menieres disease was hinted at and how they are treating me just now I really am at my wits end and sometimes feel i cant go on like this but I have written to my doctor to ask to see a nuerologist Hopefully this might help
 reggietoga - Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:30 am

ive wasted my time seeing 2 neurologists already, i wont be seeing another one. all theyve done is give me the generic reflex test by hitting my knees and then tell me everything is ok.

i recently had to have an enlarged lymph node removed from my neck as well. its as if my body is fighting some sort of infection, but the doctors tell me otherwise.

i think i have some sort of bacteria of yeast problem in my gut as my stool always has a clear mucus that was never there before. i think this is causing my brain fog but since my primary doesnt even believe in candida overgrowth or anything of the sort, i have had to change doctors. but my new one doest believe in it either. who the hell knows at this point. i just take it one day at a time. good luck finding the cause of your problem.
 pana - Wed May 20, 2009 7:44 am

Reggietoga are you still active on here? I just read some of your posts and have very similar gastric symptoms to you. Wondering how you're doing and if there was any solutions which worked for you.
 Indy - Thu May 21, 2009 10:03 am

Hello everyone,
I am suffering from the same symptom..a constant feeling of being disconnected....Has anyone found a solution to this....Its driving me wild.?
 watsupdoc - Tue May 26, 2009 12:34 am

Hello everyone,
it looks like i had olso a brain fog,it effected my memory as well,i had a filling like i have some kind of inflamination on the back of my brain. i had a filling of disconncted,and dissoriented. it happand that at the same time i had pain in my legges and the doctor gave me tylanol 600mg to take 3 time a day
Itook 400 once a day and in a few days it was memory is still not perfect
(its probbly the age or ...)but no more of the strange filling.

try it , i hop it will work.
 MissRae - Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:30 am

I just happened to notice this post..although brain fog was not my husbands first complaint, he is complaining of it now...after being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. He had stomach pains off and on for 9 years, very intense mostly in his lower right abdomen. He has always been regular in his bowel movements, yet a couple of times when he had pain and went to the er they did scans that showed his bowels were impacted, although he had gone every day. He was diagnosed only after an upper GI Series with a small bowel follow through which showed that he had inflammation in his ileum (lower end of his small intestine). There are a lot of articles on the internet about Crohn's so if this sounds familiar to any of you please check it out. Hopefully this helps...good luck to all of you.
 nasalady - Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:01 pm

I think that the previous poster is onto something. Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease, and there are a number of autoimmune diseases that can affect the central nervous system and cause brain fog, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, etc....all sorts of neurological symptoms. Three of the biggest culprits are celiac disease, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. Fibromyalgia can also cause severe brain fog and weird neuro symptoms.

For those of you suffering from both brain fog AND gastrointestinal symptoms I recommend that you be tested for both Crohn's and celiac disease. Please keep in mind that false negatives are frequent in these tests.

The very best test for gluten intolerance/celiac disease is to simply follow the gluten free diet for a couple of weeks. If you feel better gluten free and then feel terrible when you go back to the "normal" diet, you have your answer! It is not an official diagnosis of celiac disease but since the treatment for celiac disease is the gluten free diet, that's all you need to know! At least the gluten free diet does not require a prescription.

FYI, the gluten free diet is also recommended for Crohn's disease.

The latest research seems to indicate that celiac disease can "open the door" for other autoimmune diseases to develop. The best way to prevent this is to follow the gluten free diet.

Good luck to all!
 healedbygod - Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:23 am

Has anyone on this board with brain fog had a vasectomy and/or mesh implanted after a surgery such as a hernia?
 RainInTheGarage - Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:13 pm

Hey there. My boyfriend who is now 28 has been experiencing the foggy head feeling continuously for about 2 or 3 years now. He was fine one minute and then the next, it just hit him while he was at work. He's had an MRI, CAT scan, EEG, blood work to check his thyroid and everything. Had every test possible at the ENT here and nothing. He doesnt really have the stomach issues but I think his mom has Chrone's disease. He has been talking about how he thinks maybe his neck might be causing the feeling but I have rubbed it for him and it doesnt seem to do anything. He doesnt have insurance now so he cant really afford to goto a doctor to continue testing. He has also had a pressure type feeling in his throat, next to his adam's apple. I don't know if anyone else has had that feeling but I know any kind of new information would really help him out.
 toto73 - Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:30 pm

Finally--other people who know how this feels! I've only been feeling it (constant though) for one month. And needless to say it's been driving me mad. I have taken similar steps to figure this out as other people on this discussion--ENT doctor, regular doctor, even a therapist. This week, I went to an integrative/holistic doc and she's put me on a diet detox (for candida), which I'm hoping will help. But I'm also seeing a cardio next week, also to check up on my mitral valve prolapse. But, yes, its is so frustrating and scary. I'm unsure of going places alone (and I'm not agoraphobic), just because I feel so disconnected. I live in a city where I typically take public transportation, but lately, I've been afraid. Same thing with driving my car. I don't feel like myself, and that's the worst part about it. Someone on here said that sometimes when they engage in something else or somehow "forget" about the brain fog, it goes away. But then as soon as they think about it again, it returns. Same here. That's why I just keep thinking its "all in my head"...but really, come on. Its just too weird of a sensation for that to be the case. As a result, it has caused me anxiety and stress which then drains me, feeling fatigued and run down. Every morning I wake up hoping it will be gone.

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