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Question: Do i have anxiety/depression or panic disorder?

 baci123 - Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:44 pm

Hi, I just wanted to start off by saying that i think im a healthy 23 year old female (at least that is what im told, but i will get into that further)...Im not sure if what im experiencing is anxiety, depression, paranioa or something more serious. It all started like this......back in 2005 i went in to the hospitl to have an abortion...everything seemed to have gone fine i left the hospital and felt normal about a week later or maybe sooner i got a phone call from my gyn doctor and he said that i had clymidia. The clymidia was present during the time of my abortion i had come to later find out that my boyfriend had cheated on me and slept with another girl who was infected. The doctor had put me on some antibiotics to treat the clymidia and told me that everything was fine. I freaked out and was extremly upset with my boyfriend alot of fighting with him because he cheated on me but i was more concerned on getting better....during the next week and taking the antibiotics i got sick it didnt seem unusual just a cold with a runny nose, tired feeling but nothing serious to keep me out of work. So i went to work that day and took some cold medicine for the aches, runny nose/stuffy nose etc....i was going to go see the doctor that day when i got out of work but i never made it that far. As i was getting ready to leave work that night all of a sudden something just came over me i got extremely hot and lightheaded and didn't no what was going on i actually called my loved ones to tell them i love them and that i was not going to make it...the next thing i knew i was screaming i don't want to i going to die....and my body went ice cold, i started to lose my vision but it wasnt like losing total vision its hard to describe i remember seeing black and then spots and then everything went black again and i could hear people around me saying that i was going to be ok luckily i work with nurses and one of them came over put me on the floor put my legs up in the air and i got my sight back because i must have nearly fainted at least that is what i think was about to happen and the nurse said i was turning blue. The ambulance came and i went to the hospital of course they told me that i had a fever i think it was 103 but then again i can't really remember to much i was really weak, tired, scared and had no idea what was going on i told them about my recent abortion and i told them about the clymida and the antibiotic i was on...when i got to the hospital they did all these blood tests, a urine test i believe, and chest x-ray after numerous amounts of hours they came back to tell me that i had pnemonia and they gave me some stuff to reduce the fever and gave me a z-pac for the pemonia and told me i could stop taking the other antibiotic for the clymidia because this will work for it as well. They sent me home told me to rest for a week and no work for a week. After that i felt good as new! not a worry in the world i was back to my normal self and everything was just as it always has/had been!....about six months later i was going to lunch with my friends and the same vision loss symptoms returned i got that same weird black out feeling i did back when i was extremely sick i freaked out and started shaking out of no where and was extremely cold and i tried to stop myself from doing that but it just wouldn't go away no matter what i felt completely paralized i mean i could feel my body but it was hard to walk and hard to talk i just didn't get it i went to the doctors where i just curled up into a fetal position and just continued to shake uncontrollably while my doctor tried to find out what was wrong. They went over my medical records from when i went to the hospital after passing out the 6 months prior and told me that i had an abnormal ekg the hospital had never told me this so this was all new to me and they also told me that i did not have pnemonia like i was told i had so this worried me alot not to mention that i was supposed to go on a cruise 2 days from now. The doctor told me to go on my cruise but to immediatly see a cardiologist when i get back. but to relax and enjoy my cruise and not to worry. Does this make any sence to you? So i did just that i went on the cruise but the whole time on the cruise i felt terribly ill like i was just going to die and no one would know what to do for me. There was one night where we had docked at an island and as i was getting off the ship to walk on the island my whole body just collapsed and i could not make it to walk around on the island the only place i felt safe was on the ship and even on the ship i still felt very weak. I had been on cruises before and knew that it had nothing to to with being sea sick for sure. As soon as i got back from the cruise i went to the emergency room because i was feeling very weak, faint, and my fingers were tingling...not only that people were noticing that i had lost alot of weight and i did not look so healthy. When i went to the emergency room that night they did some blood work and everything came back normal they sent me home and pretty much told me i was fine and that the lightheadedness was vertigo from being on the ship but i knew this was not the case. Anyways i went to see my cardiologist and they did all the tests, stress test, ecocardiogram everything i can think of at least that has to do with testing my heart to see if it's ok and they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. So that is deffinatley good news but for some reason the pain i was feeling was still there and the weakness,the fatigue and the feeling that i was pretty much just going to die. i had dropped some weight from all this stress i went from 125 pounds to 118 pounds in less than a month. After all my results came back from the cardiologist and everything was fine i then went to see a nuerologist who thought that maybe i was experiencing some seizures...this was also ruled out so i wont even bother going into that. So here i am 2 years later still trying to figure it all out i did something on my own which was go to see a psychiatrist but i don't think she was really helpful all she did was ya ya ya me to death and put me on meds without even really listening i went on prozac which made me feel like a vegtable and didnt completely help to celexa which seemed to help but made me gain 20 pounds in 4months and i was still having pain so i stopped the medication and have been off of it for about 1 year now. The symptoms that i get which are bothersome are head pains...i get this feeling like it's going to roll of my head and sometimes i feel a flutter in my chest. I feel like all my insides are just going to stop working and die if i were to picture that its like saying think of things floating in the air and then all of a sudden they drop that is how my insides feel like they are going to drop at any minute and stop working and mostly it feels lilke my brain is going to just stop working my hands get ice cold i get dizzy spells, crying spells, nausea,paranoid like my heart is going to stop beating, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, lack of energy, just want to stay in bed, mucsle pain, bruised/battered feeling all over my body, always feeling like i have a fever, feeling like im going to faint or pass out, frequent urination, pretty much all of the symptoms i have seem to be anxiety/depression symptoms but it makes no sence to me because this all came out of no where i was just going to lunch with friends and then boom it all hit me and i haven't been normal since that day! what is going on i just want some answers from someone who will listen i have gone to my doctor severl times and she is just getting sick of me and she pretty much just told me "listen i don't have an answer for you and i don't no what your problem is your tests came back normal and everything looks normal so i don't no what to tell you." People honestly think i want to feel this way and no one in my family is even taking me very scared confused and am almost losing my job because of my current condition. im the type of person that loves to be around people and do normal daily things and now because of the way i have been feeling i don't want to do anything but stay home or close to a hospital because i fear something is seriously wrong with me and it's very frustrating because i have never in my life been like this before. Any insight would be much appreciated thanks in advance,

 Dr. E. Seigle - Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:00 pm

Hi baci123,

It sounds like you are really scared and that it has been a difficult year. It does sound like you are probably now experiencing a depression, and that the episodes in which your vision narrowed and you were very dizzy may represent panic attacks. It appears that your connection with your previous psychiatrist was not a good "fit". I would suggest that you find a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist who delivers a type of therapy known as cognitive-behavioral therapy. You could find one of these and ask for a referral to the other. The therapist could be a psychologist. The psychiatrist would re-evaluate you and possibly recommend anti-depressant medication which also treats panic attacks.

Sorry you've had such a rough time- don't give up on finding the right help to help you to get well. If you have suicidal impulses, please go to your local emergency room. Good luck!

-Eliot Seigle MD
 baci123 - Thu Apr 17, 2008 5:41 pm

Hi, Sorry I have not replied so soon for some reason i didn't think my post had posted because of some computer problems i have been having. Anyways i thank you so much for replying back to has been a very difficult year in deed and the thought of losing my job over anxiety is just killing me even more...i am definatley not suicidal that's what im afraid of dying...because no one can give me an answer to my symptoms.....i went to the doctor and they said that all the other blood tests came back normal except something about a PR protien? or something protien was a .5 and normal is supposed to be under 5 not sure exactly what that means but they did not get into it so i have no idea what that has anything to do with...well the specialist that im seeing is a rhuemotologist and my MD thinks i might have fibromyalgia and i honestly don't think that is the case it's like im being tossed around everywhere the muscle pain that i am experiencing has to be from the anxiety and somewhat depression because sometimes the pain is not that bad i no for sure i have alot of tension cause im constantly in a worried state about my health i just don't no how i got like this i really think the MD telling me something was wrong with my heart in the past made me this way because to me i thought it was the end of the world when they told me that. Anyways do you think i have post traumatic stress disorder as well? Because i keep getting that feeling like im going to pass out like i did when im sick it keeps happening to me almost like everyday when im at work and it's funny because this happened to me at work. Sometimes my hands will sweat or get ice cold like this week i have had a panic attack every single day and the only relief i get is when i sleep and if i sleep it's awful.....Did you ever hear of going on Medical leave act for severe anxiety and depression? Because im so close to losing my job its sad and then if that happens i have no idea how i will be able to see any kind of specialist for my problems :( Also the rhumetologist put me on prozac 10mg's i have only been on it for three days now and i keep getting this rush of heat in my that the medication or is that just my panic? i didn't think the medicine would affect me in three days but for some reason i feel like im thinking more and panicking more i don't no if it's the meds or just me making myself get that way...i no that the meds can sometimes make anxiety worse but i don't really want to stop and try something new just yet because im thinking maybe it's just me thinking its the medication...boy i most bore you to death with my problems im sorry anyways i hope to hear back from you soon and i wish some other people with simular problems would post something because it would be very helpful to hear others insights!

Thank you,


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