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Question: Large scrotum vein right side

 ignatiusmonk - Thu Feb 02, 2006 4:59 pm

I'm a 30 year old male with no significant past medical history. I'm presently not on any medications.

I have recently noticed a large vein running down the right side of my scrotum and it appears to run right along my right testicle. It is only noticable when sack is relaxed but when it is, it's very noticable and puffy for lack of a better word. With this vein their seems to be an increased presense of more visbile veins all the sudden in my penis, especially the dorsal vein.

I have had no significant pain or swelling. A slight burning sensation on urniation but not enough to cause real panic. The site of all the noticable veins is what has me in a panic now!

Any thoughts?
Thank you so much.
 willywonka2005 - Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:03 pm

Hi. It sounds like you have "right sided varacoele to me. Varcocele is one or more varcoise veins in the spermtic cord and sometime they can become visible through the scoutm if they are large. It is possibel that you have islolated right isided varacocele which is rare. The reson it is rare is because blood form the right testicle drains into the" inferior vena cava vein" which is the biggst vein in the body and, drains staright to the heart. A sudden onset of varacocele in either testicle is of concern and you should get this checkd out right away. Varacocle is actually more common in both tetsicles than it is in the right one. It is also more common on the left testicle. Let me tell you somewthing, i had isloated right sided varacocle for montsh now. I have three huge veins that are very hard and the blood doeslt drain form the veins back to my heart when i lie down. Now this is a sign that there could possibly be a tumuor or some other type of growth putting pressue on the inferior vena cave vein whcih has caused vein(s) in the spernatic cord to become varacose. Like i said ive had this for mnoths now and about a month a go after having a perfeclty fine left spermatic cord i developed a big varacocle over night. Again this is another cause for concern. Developing sudden varacocle in the left tetsicle could mean that there is a problem with a tumour putting pressure on thekidney vein. You see blood, form the left testicle does'nt drain into the inferior vena cava vein like on the right testicle. It actually drains into the kidney vein and blood to the testcile comes fromm the kidney vein too. I would say that the each of the three varacocele in my right spermatic cord are about twice the size of a piece of well cooked spagetti when they are at there biggest. I can get them to go smaller but not by much.

Now, I found a lump in my penis a couple of months ago. The lump was right next to where the superfiacl dorsal vein is attached to my penis. I kept messign with the lump because it was driving me mad then all of a sudden i satrted to notice veins barnching of the superfical dorsal vein that i coudl'nt even see before. Then i noticed a vein coloured swelling on the dorsal side at the bottom of th shafte near the pubic area and that the superfical dorsal vein had become closer to the centre of my penis. Then i developed another vein next to my superfical dorsal vein which has become clotted. After this i developed 4 veins on the underside of my penis and slightly to the right side of my penis. The veins on the underside of my penis are hard even when my penis is flacid. I can still get erections fine after all this though. the way the superfical dorsal vein reacts is inconsitent too. Some times it will become huge and swollen and other times it won't fil up with blood as much. Anway today i went to see a urorlogist and told him that i was convinced that this lump was a clot inside part of a branch vein that branches off the superfical dorsal vein and that part of the lump was inside the main part of the superfical dorsal vein itself. The vein is constantly altering over time to the point where the vein looks a lot differnet to the way it was before. Part of the vein has become about a quarter of the size it was before and the rest of the vein feels weaker and more mushy. I told the urologist about all the reasearch i did and he too believes that i have add a blood clot and thats why the supperfical dorsal vein has altered so much, and why i have visble veins branching of ther supefifal dorsal vein that were not there before. Also he told me that the veins underneath my penis could of appeard because extar pressure is applied to other veins if there is a problem with another. also deeper veins can take over form the suerfical veins too. Now this worries me because i don't want added pressure on the deep dorsal vein for christ sake. Apparenll the deep dorsal vein and the crural veins drain the majority of the poenis including erectile tissue and the superfical vein drains the supefical fascia and covering like skin and skin from the glans. The problem for me is that there is a small connection between the deep and superfical veins and if more pressure is added to any vein, including the deeper systems, it has more chance of becomeing varcose. Also varcose veins have more chance of becoming clotted. TBH the whole lexpecricme left me cold. The fact that this guy said i only had a small left varcocle is rdiculous. The varacocele in my left spemratic corde is like a godamn mcdonalds straw at times its so big. What i find even more funny though (or tragic depending on which way you look at it) is that he completely ignored the fact that i have these huge varacocele veins in my right spermatic cord. I shoud of been sent for an immediate ultrasound to check the blood flow in my penis and in the veins in my spermatci cord. Also the inferio vena cava vein and the veins to my Kidney shoud lof been checked or any potential blockages. Instead all he did was send me for a blood test and told me to come back at the end of may. WTF? on top of this the guy who did my blood test was a totall weirdo and i'm prety certain that he stuck the needle staright threw my vein. I went to a urologist today so he woud listen EVERYTHING i said and give me the appropiate treatment (IE ultarsoundscan) yet none of this happend. I can tell you that the NHS in england sucks bg time. No wonder its in such a mess. The fact that the guy aggreed with everythign i said and came to the same conclusion that i came to that i'd sufferd a blood clot i the superifal dorsal, then ingored me about other things that he knew i knew what the hell i was talking about, was ridiculous. So far with all the resarch i've done, the two urologist ive see and a scan i did have done a while back ive come to the conclusion that these guys just doint give a rats ass and that i've leanred more on the internt than the guys i've seen so far.

Anyway good luck mate in finding a urologost who gives a damn. I just thought i woudl tell you about my expecrience because it is somewhat similar to =yours. Oh and don't bank on getting any medial advice here that you cant figure out for youslef from doing a days resaerch on the net. In fact this plae is almost dead.
 ignatiusmonk - Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:02 pm

Thanks for your input. I appreciate you sharing your story as it at least lets me know I'm not totally alone.

I'm schedule to get checked out next week. After digging through pages on the net, I came to about the same conclusion you did. Forutnately, my ride sided vein issue is not becoming bigger (Thankfully) and again I have no pain, swelling, ect... All the same I really do want to get it looked at just to make sure things are straight. I'm also having no problem in the erection department and I want it to stay that way!

I'll post next week after the Doc takes a look.

Good luck!
 willywonka2005 - Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:50 pm

The veins can become bigger over time or you can develope even more veins. The only time they shoudl be operated on is if you have bad pain that you can't handle or if the varacocele veins have made you infertil and you are trying for a baby. Even then though more varacocele can develope because the remaing veins are under more pressure due to extra blood flow. Hey if you downlaod a little info from the net and take it to the ER you can present a good case to them so you can get scanned there and then! The problems though, whcih i believe i've encountered, is that these "stuck up dip *****" don't like a "normal person" telling them how to do there job after learning about urology over the net for a few days. Ive come to the conclusion that the only way i will get checked out properly is if if downlaod a crap load of info from the net, take it to a urologist, and then pull out a gun and force him to what ive printed out. Either that or win the lotto and go and see one of the best uroolgist in the world. The problem with the people i've been dealing with is that they just arn't interested, have a bad attitude and just basically don't give a crap. Also they are badly over paid. lol I coud do a better job than the urologist i saw today with only the info ive learned off the net. Although i'm sure he knows is ***** its just that he doesnt give a *****. Oh and while i'm at it my GP is a waste of space too. God help them if someone goes there with Testicualr cancer, because judging fron the examnition my GP gave me he does'nt have a god damn clue abut how to perform a testicluar examination. The radiographer i saw completey missed my "obvious" varacocle's so he was no better.
 ignatiusmonk - Sun Feb 26, 2006 8:44 am

I just wanted to post a follow up to my situation in the hope that it might provide some information for others going through similitar situations.

After multiple lab draws, an examination by a Urologist, and a pelvic and ab CT, I'm totally fine. I haven't had an increase in vein visibility since my last post, function is fine, and I'm pain free.

I agree totally with what many post in these internet forums say when it comes to getting data and doing research. It really does help to be an informed patient. That being said, to often on internet boards folks post a lot of doom and gloom scenarios that can send already worried researchers into full on panic. That's really unfortunate because while the internet is a great medium for gathering facts and sharing experiences it's not a medical diagnostic tool.

So al that being said, guys out there, if you are seeing something different with veins in your penis, scrotum, or whatever, don't panic! We're all sensative about what's going on with our stuff but please don't get crazy to quickly. I know I did and I wish I wouldn't have. Do your research yes and absolutely go get checked out ASAP to put your mind at ease and if their is a problem get treated. Just remember though, for all the posts on all the Urology, Mens Health, ect.. boards out there that we read where everyone is convinced something lethal is wrong, their are experiences where the symptoms are nothing at all. I was absolutely convinced the large right sided vien in my scrotum and penis was the end of the world. Cancer, rogue vericocele, or whatever else could be wrong and it turns out that absolutely nothing was wrong at all.

So please read these posts and boards with a grain of salt. While the lists of possible symptoms or causes is always long, the reality of the situation may be very simple. Research and get checked and try not to panic. Easier said than done I know, but looking back at the way I handled it, I wish I would not have jumped on the panic train so soon as I made myself and those around absolutely miserable in the process because I was convinced my days were numbered.

Good luck to everyone!
 willywonka2005 - Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:50 pm

I tend to take what urologists say with a pinch of salt tbh. If you've got a vein in your spermatic cord thats visible then its varacocele mate ,that's a fact, regardless of what the urologist says. Also how many veins do you have on your penis that you could never see before and how more prominent is the superfical dorsal vein? Since i last spoke to you ive deveoped another vein on my penis and the left hand side has developed another vein too. Also the left side of my penis feels more swollen. Also are these veins hard whne your penis is flacid? You see with me it started off withjust one vein on the right hand side that woudl feel slightly hard when flacid but now i have more and the side of my penis where the veins are has become swollem. I know this becuase now its almost impossible to feel the right part of my corpus spongiosum because it feels like its merged with my right corpora cavernosa. every single time i get a hard erction that i maintain for more than 10 minutes something new apears on my dick, Wether it be a vein or a lumpy piece of tissue. I don't even touch the shaft of my penis anymore incase i get more veins that develope or damage excisting veins. Plus these veins hurt. If i try and masterbate now and rub the skin on the shaft of my pensi it almost feels like the tissue underneath has little bits of it comming loose.

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