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Question: mysterious gross hematuria :( (UTI, Stones, or Cancer)

 thePatient - Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:31 am

Hey guys

really strange situation here, got me worried...

last sunday (dec 7) my urine started get darker like dark tea texture.. then next thing i know i was pissing blood.. as in it was RED, probably not pure blood since it's not sticky or thick like blood, but other than that it's all blood like.. then it would turn brownish again, and then bloody hell again (same day)... then i noticed why it would go on and off..

if i had lots to drink it would seem brownish, and if i had a few to drink it'd be blood like.. i think im bleeding and it's just getting diluted w/ my water intake..

then it got worst even with a lot to "pee" i'd still pee blood... ;(

ran to the doctor and this was the info he gathered from me:

Im Urinating blood.
I have no feeling of any pain and discomfort
I feel good, energetic, not sickly (though i had a slight fever the day before but nothing that i needed to take notice of).. NO SYMPTOMS really, except im just peeing blood

So he then asked me to do tests... ULTRA SOUND and URINALYSIS

ULTRA SOUND REPORT ... ortix5.gif

ULTRA SOUND IMAGES ... kedto6.jpg

The document had lots of factors left blanked, here are the ones w/ their exact values:
    COLOR: Reddish
    Transparency: Cloudy
    Specific Gravity: 1.030
    Red Blood Cells: packed
    Albumin: ++++
    Sugar: Negative
    pH: 5.0
    Micral Test (up to 20 mg/l)

I was told that the 3 main causes of blood in urine was UTI, Stones, and Cancer

Based on what the doctors told me,
Urinalysis proves no UTI
BASED ON THE ULTRASOUND I have clean healthy Urinary system, except for a very small stone in my left kidney.. but definitely NO CANCER (Thank you lord!)

Here's the weird part..

The doctor who did the ultra sound said the small stone found is very unlikely to cause such massive bleeding that im practically peeing blood already.. unless it was scraping the walls of my kidney bad, to which i should've felt pain...

I saw another doctor, a urology specialist (Thursday Dec 11) and he said it was possible that that small stone can cause such massive bleeding, and that I would feel pain if i had blood clot, but since im urinating blood, apparently there's no blood clot

He then asked me if i wanted to do a CT Scan w/ CONTRAST so that he can evaluate the stone better.. but since it was expensive i opted not to for now and ask to be treated.. i asked what could be seen in a CT Scan that is not yet already seen in ULTRA SOUND, he simply answered:

"all i can say is it helps"

So i prescribed me potassium citrate 3x/day for 1 month, but told me that if i'm still bleeding a week after I really have to do that expensive CT Scan.

Earlier, The first doctor prescribed 500mg of TRANEXAMIC ACID every 6 hours to stop the bleeding.. it became on and off, and yesterday (Dec 12) I had clear urine whole day).. i stopped taking it today (Dec 13).. However I started peeing blood again today (Dec 14, starting at night already) - could it be because i stopped the TRANEXAMIC ACID meds? or is it just my stones getting pulvorized by potassium citrate im taking?

Also I have been slightly feeling feverish nightly since Friday (Dec 19). but nothing i can't shake off by putting my mind on other things..

So my question really is:
- What's going on with me?
- Is that expensive CT Scan really important? Can it find tumors ultra sound couldnt? (im getting scared again, i thought i was safe)
- is this normal to be peeing blood on and off w/ stones? in my case a single stone?
- the day before the symptom i did a back flip (i used to do it a lot).. could that have caused my massive bleeding?
- yesterday, i ran really fast a few times on rough terrain.. would that have caused the reoccurance of blood today?

I'm supposed to see the urologist again after a week, but I'm really looking forward for answers here on our forum as well.. i cant help but feeling the doctor wasnt paying much attention to me, im bleeding inside and his consultation didnt last more than 5 minutes.. he didnt even tell me what to do or not to do, just told me to take the potassium citrate 3x/day.. he didnt even telll me if it's ok to take it on an empty stomack.. my friends, former kidney stone patients, even had more to say than him. advised me to drink a lot of apple cider or cran berry juice

 darce7541 - Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:52 pm

Hello, i am a 19 years old male, and I have been peeing a little bit of blood, not much, you can beverly see it. sometimes there are a little coagulations, very thiny things. I have no pain or anything like that and recently I had cold (gripe) and I was taking some tylenol, ibuprophen, and claritin. I don't know if I had fever, probably, but i am not sure.
if somebody can help me with this, I am really worried and I don't know why I an peeing blood. In adition, the precense of blood or coagulated blood, is not constant, it may go away and come back again later in the day.
 Dr.M.Aroon kamath - Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:22 am

User avatar Hi thePatient,
Went through your history and the attachments. Surgeon's usually are very concerned about gross hematuria (esp. painless).There are many causes for this - some common, and others rare. Ultrasonography has its limitations. It very good for stone disease but some small renal parenchymal lesions may be missed.As your ultrasound did not show any significant finding except the small stone, your doctor rightly has requested a CT scan. This is better at detecting some of the othe causes of gross hematuria such as (small angiomyolipomas, Arterio-venous malformations etc).
As your case is atypical,common as well as the not so common diagnoses need to be searched for.I suggest that you should follow your urologist's advice and act accordingly.
Good luck.
 thePatient - Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:58 am

HI Doctor Kamath

Thank you very much for your reply..

While your reply is about a year late haha it's greatly appreciated to hear your thoughts on these.. I'm also glad to update everyone the following progress:

Quick Summary
2) IM STILL BLEEDING BUT LESS now and even LESS frequent (about once in 2 months, for about a day or 2 .. less bloody though..
3) What was wrong w/ me? STILL A MYSTERY :(

I'll try to enumerate significant stuffs during my case, and ill try to be as accurate w/ the dates/month info:

Feb 2009
- saw another specialist, recommended the same thing
- went for a full on CT scan w/ dye and all that (Spent $$$) , i could upload the images if u would like to see
- CT Scan results shows nothing but a bit of a fatty liver and same stones found in ultra sound
- CT Scan did find more tiny stones i tink..
- Doctor said it looks like it's just those stones..
- I argued, why don't i feel anything, and if a kidney patient bleeds when passing stones, then i must have and continue to pass stones a lot coz im always bleeding,
-- doctor said there cud be constant very small stones crystalizing all the time
- I argued and that why isnt there any stones found in my many urinalisys results
-- doctor said it could be because i passed them stones already (prior to the tests) though i continue to bleed because of blood clots bruising my urethra and stuff
- I argued, what about the absence of pain?
-- doctor said i could have high tolerance for it

- DOCTOR recommended double dosage of potassium citrate 6x/day for 1 month and another series of tests if im still bleeding..

- sometime this same month I started to feel pain in my lower back where the kidneys are at, so it most definitely seem like it's kidney stones given those pain symptoms..

- continued medication

MARCH 2009
- I continued to bleed on and off even after the double dosage
- this time i started to feel pain everytime i bleed (slight pain and sometimes really bad)
- Didnt see the doctor anymore, started taking SAMBONG medication as prescribe by other kidney patients,

APRIL 2009
- still bleeding but less blood now and less frequent (now just around twice / month and for a few days only)
- it could be the Sambong medication , or could be coincidence
- still bad pain ...

MAY 2009
- it seems that i've completely stopped bleeding..
- continued sambong for a few more weeks.then stopped medications

June 2009
- around late june, just when i thought i was done w/ the problem, i started feeling discomfort in my left testicle
- it got worst over night
- bled heavy the next morning.. oh crap.
- felt feverish..
- pain was severe.. took some pain meds.. took sambong again..
- pain went away after 2 days, slight bloody color in urine for the rest of the week
- gone after that week

July 2009
- same symptoms in June 2009
- did the same thing...

Aug 2009
- no more signs of problem. no blood in urine no pain..

Sept 2009
- it's almost 2 months since i bled.. seems to be gone for good.

late Sept 2009
- i started feeling some discomfort in my lower back (same area) and kinda channeling towards my left testicle..
- urine is "tea" like color (evidence of some blood mixed in it) but not as bad as before
- went on for about 4 days..
- then gone..

NOW OCT 19 2009
- havent bled yet .. hope it's forever gone..

What do you think sir?

hi.. we could be having the same symptons. i suggest go for ultra sound and urinalisys first and have doctor take a look at it.. if doctor sees stones right away then it most probably is stones.. if you react to treatment .. then it's definitely stones.. that's how the 2 specialist do the process as i noticed..

as for my case.. my medication (and doubled after first treatment) didnt really help me much. but i did take sambong (known to be good for kidney stones) and started seeng atleast some progress in my case. again it could be coincidence.. Good luck w/ your case. don't worry too much.
 Dr.M.Aroon kamath - Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:18 am

User avatar Hi,
I also sincerely hope for you that it is gone for good and i don't have to answer anything further about your problem(of course i am willing to be of help at any time!)....
 thePatient - Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:02 am

A little bit of update...

been experiencing the "passing of stones" thing as described my by friend who had them before.. where you feel pain moving around going down to your, what it feels, is in your testicles, and such.. and it's been very hard to urinate.. very slow urination, sometimes painful, sometimes not..

He described this as being normal when passing stones.. and he said he gets over it after a few days...

My problem is, i've been experiencing this for almost a month now.. is it normal for it to take so long some times? the pain isnt much but it's just such a discomfort urinating.. sometimes i feel my bladder is full, but i only urinate a small amount...and also when i get the urge to urinate, it's almost like i can't hold it in...

Oh and also, when ejaculating, i have very little semen output, sometimes almost no semen at all.. but the feeling of orgasm is the same, just rather strange to see almost nothing come out...

are all these symptoms still normal of a kidney stone passing??

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